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EEC mod....problems upon problems. Uuhhgg!!

Discussion in 'Automobilista' started by Jeff Huber, Aug 21, 2016.

  1. Jeff Huber

    Jeff Huber

    OK....so I had tried to download this mod for over a week through Mega , and it simply wouldn't work. I had to create a new account to even get the download. So about an hour ago , i finally got Mega to let me download it. ( It was over 1GB in size , and was giving me issues ).

    So I downloaded the V1.3 , the update AND the fix for the update.....all I have is the pace car.

    Tried installing everything twice , same thing. So then I thought...." Just install the base V1.3 files and see what happens ".....still only have the pace car.

    Installed the update....still only have the pace car.

    Installed the fix for the update.....still only the freakin' pace car.

    I've installed hundreds upon hundreds of download , from tracks , skins , cars , full blown mods into this sim ever since GSC 2012 came out. Not once have I ever had this many issues with a mod. I've gone over it , and over it and over it....because I'd really like to see a full blown GT3 class here. Installing all these mods is like a walk in the park....extremely easy once you have done it a thousand time. This mod?.....I have no freakin' clue as to what's going on. The mod looks amazing.....but I've about given up.

    I'm at my wits end.
  2. Download the shared file.

    You only really need the shared textures file.
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  3. Jeff Huber

    Jeff Huber

    Troy...do you have a link to where I could get that specific file? it's not in the update or the update fix? The problem I'm having is common?
  4. hex


    It's really hard to miss :)
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  5. It's right there with all the other download links (next to base, update, fix..)

    I missed this one too and could only see the pace car as well. You'll find the shared texture in that download. + I think you also need to copy/paste the pace car file from that download...check the readme from your base download

    It's a bit messy to set it up with all the files right now...but it's all just copy/paste
  6. In many ways
    It amazes me the amount of people doing this question without even being curious enough to read the read me file, I mean it is there for a reason....

    Not being picky on you Jeff, just way too many people asking this, we get tired after a while.
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  7. Gringo



    Not my business.... LOL
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  8. If we were a gaming companty (or if we were selling the mod) we would be forced to have all the patience in the world to deal with this stuff. But just making mods (in my case, just helping a bit) without selling it... no, thanks. People are too lazy to look stuff and this is everywhere, make a league and see how many will read the first post, then watch them geting in the race day and do questions about stuff you posted there or not being able to connect because they didn't read it, etc lol. Happens all-the-time :D
    I'm wondering why you need to be so picky about this mod lol
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  9. Jeff Huber

    Jeff Huber

    Hey guys....thank you for helping me out here. I did not see that " shared files " note below the other downloads until after I came back here and saw what you guys mentioned about it. I went and downloaded them , got them installed and the mod is working great.

    It does seem to be kind of a difficult mod to install , with a lot of files and zip files inside of zip files.....but if a guy takes his time he can get it right.

    On the mod itself....so far it's been pretty incredible. Lots and lots of cars there to play around with. Reminds me of the old Blancpain mod we had for GSC , but with twice as many cars and quite a bit more detail , better physics and so forth. Thanks to you guys who created this thing , and then decided to share it with everyone! And sorry for having issues on the install. Like I said , I tried for a week to get the file , and then I finally got it...I couldn't get it to work. Was kind frustrating.
  10. rocafella1978


    would someone please be able to post some screenshots of your installation and folder for the EEC GT3 mod? i just can't get it to work, done it as per readme file but no luck, installed and reinstalled three times, some vehicles work but many cause the game to hang up/ crash or don't load at all. thank you for your help.
    posted my folders here with screenshots:
  11. rocafella1978


    [SOLVED] (completely uninstalled/ removed anything AMS related and reinstalled it all!)

    did installation again, started with: EEC GT3 Base v1.0.7z -> moved all into AMS folder.
    then unpacked: EEC GT3 Base v1.3 Update.7z -> moved all into AMS folder (overwrite YES)
    lastly: EEC GT3 Base v1.3 Update Fix.7z -> moved all into AMS folder (overwrite YES)
    then: EEC GT3 Base PitCrew SafetyCar Shared.zip -> moved into their respective places.
    1) ...\GameData\Scripts\pits.mas (overwrite yes)
    2) ...\GameData\Sounds\PaceCar and ...\GameData\Vehicles\PaceCar
    3) ...\GameData\Vehicles\EECMAPS.mas (overwrite yes)
    4) ...\GameData\Vehicles\MIRROR.BMP (overwrite yes)

    *** did not unpack nor install: EEC AMS Showroom v1.0.7z (did not want this)

    ...so deleted all of AMS related files and folders and repeated steps above and it worked 100%, so whatever was going on before it now done/ "erledigt", settings and all redone and each and every vehicle is working and absolute blast and wonderful! thank you EEC staff for putting this together for AMS!
  12. we have zip files inside zip files O_o
    overall its easy to install if you read first ;) you can download everything, mark everything, right click and unpack (the updates for sure not at the same time, those you have to make manually after)... so you will have everything unpacked in one gamedata folder and just have to copy this folder into your game install... sounds easy to me...

    some files like the safetycar or the shared textures are used not just with the gt3 mod so i dont see a reason to include the same files again and again into the mods... with this i just make the mods much bigger while you dont really need it if you have the lms already installed for example...
    the second gt3 update will be removed when i upload a new bigger update ;) so one file less then

    edit: btw we have a own forum for mod support ;)
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  13. rocafella1978


    have to say, appreciate the help i got here on RD! and of course by your forum @PATR10T
    thumbs up for EEC -> forum for mod support :thumbsup:
  14. Jeff Huber

    Jeff Huber

    The zip files inside zip files was geared towards the shared file I downloaded. Like 5 little zip files inside one big one....BUT , it doesn't matter , it was worth it! You and your guys kicked ass on this mod Patriot....so thank you very much! I'm having a blast driving this mod!