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editing skins, trying to learn

Discussion in 'Richard Burns Rally' started by John Low, Sep 7, 2010.

  1. Hi guys, was wondering if someone could point me towards ' a complete idiots guide to editing skins ' Have a skin I want to use for the League rallies and want to change a couple of things. I know if I asked or begged I could probably get someone to do it for me but I'd like to try and do some of it at least myself.

    While i want to change a number of things I am happy to to start small and do the names on the side windows. My main issue with that so far seems to be when I am filling in the names on the rgb part of the external transparent dds I can never ever get the colours of the windows just right, it always seems darker and plain than the area surrounding it. I think I might be missing something reasonably simple but am not sure and want to do this right.

    I get the bit about filling in the old name on the alpha channel but after that I am lost. Please be gentle, I am a noob at this and am trying to learn.

    I have photoshop and the plugin required.

  2. You'll need to put the new name onto the alpha channel as well as on the RGB channel.
    - type your new name into the RGB layer, resize, reposition until it looks right
    - Ctrl-click on the thumbnail for the layer (layers window); this will select all the non-transparent portions
    - swap over to the alpha channel and fill the selection with pure white
    This will make that section of the window opaque
  3. LOL, I THINK I understand. What about editing the body of the car?
  4. Open the external.dds file, take a brush and paint away :D
  5. About editing the windows - if you use GIMP to open/save dds files (it's blistering fast, really trumps over other solutions I've seen. 1 second instead of at least around 'teen-twenty) the transparency on windows is done via color opacity (eg. window transparent in 50% is painted gray with 50 percent opacity.

    I find it easier to edit/save .psds for further editing using this method I found just recently. Just a side note :)
  6. lol, it doesn't seam QUITE that easy to me. but i'll give it a try Senad
  7. Thanks guys, i am happy i have a handle on the window thing now so bodywork is next. Have a template and am going to play :) Expect questions
  8. Or even better: download a template from Rallyesim and get creative!
  9. I have been looking at the template thing lately and couldn't agree more with Damien, I found for example on my N12 skin if I tried painting some areas of the dds file I just seemed to get the one bright colour over the whole thing, no shading at all where there was shading. It turns out the shading is built into a layer of the psd file before it gets saved as a dds file. When I used the template, the shading built into the template, automatically changed the colour to suit, different shades of the same gold colour. Is a lot of work starting from scratch but practice makes perfect or somewhere close to it :)

  10. Yeah, the shading makes all the difference. Not all the templates I've come across use it (like the Impreza 05 I'm using for Rick's skin) but most seem to. I use Inkscape to create the decals for the car and then put it all together in Photoshop.