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editing racer please help

Discussion in 'Racer' started by purplesalad, Sep 10, 2010.

  1. I know they're newer versions of racer but I like version 6.5.5 because I seem to never have problems with it and I can pretty much have any car and any track with no issue. But I just want to know how to edit things such as resolution, force feed back and separate shifter controls. I'm kinda a n00b at this so i'd appriciate the help.

    first off I want to know how I can get my resolution to 1650x1050 fullscreen. in the options menu I cant select it.

    second I use a logitech g25 and sometimes when im racing a car the ffb is so strong and heavy. is there anyway to make it normal?

    and lastly how can I get my separate shifter to work? I have a act labs 2006 rs shifter.

    I know i'm asking alot but if any of you guys can help me out i'd really appriciate it.
  2. I'm not sure about controller settings, but display resolution can be set in the "racer.ini" file. Open it up in a text editing program, find the relevant bit (under Graphics which is around halfway through the text in the file) and edit the values. Those of us that have been using Racer for a while know our way around this racer.ini file pretty well, and you'll see why; you can do allsorts with it that the application menu interface doesn't give options for.
  3. Welcome to the Racer community. If I remember correctly, force feedback is set in the car.ini file.

    Visit www.racer.nl and read info, there is just about everything you could want to know there.
  4. okay guys i'm getting really frustracted with the default.ini file in the controller folder. Im trying to enable my separate shifter and i looked at the racer.nl help section or whatever and did what it said. and still nothing I cant get the gearbox to work. I set


    and still I get nothing. I have no clue how to edit these files so do you guys know what im doin wrong
  5. well I fixed the separate shifter problem but I have one more issue. with some cars the ffb is ridicuously strong and heavy is there anyway I can go into the car.ini file and change the ffb leve?
  6. Open the car.ini file with wordpad in Windows or a text editor making a backup first, then just find it and change the value to a lower number.
  7. @ boomer541:


    is this the amount to change ?

    or is it this?

    lock=1080 ;15.7:1 ttl ratio
    linearity=0.225 -------------------------that one?
    ; set to 1 if you have a 900Degree Steering Wheel
    *(this was taken from my Bullitt's .ini :) )

    Just hoping to cleat things for the "noob" :)
  8. lol thanks cobra. helped me out alot
  9. Good to know, purplesalad (there has got to be a good story behind that handle!-lol! just kidding...:) ). I try, as i am also using the same version of Racer. To some extent I know my way around the .ini and .shd files... :)
  10. He's a purple salad, and I'd be an iron orange if I hadn't funked up my original registration to this site.
  11. The ff_factor=0.55 is the one to change.
  12. thanks boomer541.

    And I didn't know that fiftyorange wanted to be an ironorange....let along a purple salad wanted to be called purplesalad. Ok, the names are 100% origional, and therefore rock! I guess that since I love Shelbys, and Cobras...my nickname fits....yet it is out of place on the PHR website, and i changed it to something else. So to get back on topic, I can help with some things, in and I was just curious to your "handle". No harm done-and not intended.