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Editing default settings (FFB, FOV, gears...)

Discussion in 'netKar PRO' started by Senad Subasic, Oct 14, 2011.

  1. Something's been bugging me for a while now. Every time I get in a car, the FFB is always way too strong, the FOV is always way too high, simple gear is always on, etc. I have to change that for every car, every time. I rarely remember to save the setup.

    Does anyone know where all those settings are located? I assume it's all in a text file or ten somewhere, and I can change those values to something I use.
    I hope there's a general settings file as well, i.e. I don't have to do it for every car separately :eek:
  2. yeah annoying
    in the new readme is this bit:
    "New setup behaviour (use nkpro.ini USE_OLD_STYLE=1 to go back to the previous behaviour)"

    it keeps your last setup as default, though you still need to renew your tyres as the game now seems to hold them over from one session to another.

    I think - can't confirm it mind - that the ffb has been adjusted in the last release as it is way stronger than before. The Osella in particular is evil on standard ffb setting - the wheel wants to shake and vibrate even with new tyres.
  3. Cheers, will look into it. I have had tires and everything else set on manual always, so not an issue.

    About FFB, don't know if it's been changed, but the default setting is something like 1.600 gain, and I use 0.6-0.8, it's a huge difference.
  4. Hi,
    in your nkpro folder in "my document", you will find a setup subfolder.
    There is a subsubfolder for each car with a nkdksetup.nkst file : its the default setup for the car.
    Open it with notepad and change it to your taste. Don't forget to backup the original file in case...

    But why not saving a setup in game for each car and call it when jumping into the car ?

    Or maybe have I not understood something...

  5. Because I don't generally do car setups.
    I want to change the FFB, FOV, seat position, and stuff like that, not car setup per se. I just want to change the default value of those things, so I don't have to load setups every time I drive a car.
  6. Editing the nkdksetup.nkst in C:\Users\senad\Documents\netKar PRO\setups\ for every car does the trick :thanks:
  7. Glad to have helped.

    Good racing

  8. oh wow! that's cool...


    Senad, how did you edit the nkst file? I've tried it with Notepad++ but no chance.

    Another question: What I have to do that the FOV settings are applied?

    When I load a car&track and change the FOV settings in the box-menu nothing happens. Any suggestions?

    Thanks in advance
  10. It's a plain text file, I edited mine with PSPad; Notepad++ should be fine as well. Try regular Notepad.

    No clue about the FOV, mine changes when I click :s


    Funny, when I open it with Notepad++ it's some sort of decrypted. Will try it again.

    When I change FOV settings nothing happens. Only when I adjust the seat.

    Funny... Funny.. I will reinstall this game.

    Thanks for your help Senad
  12. Does the Lambo mod have ABS on by default?
    Is it supposed to be on?
  13. ABS in on by default and according to Andrea (RSR) its supposed to be like that ... i think to disable it you must press "Q" .... but im not completly sure cause i dont drive it for some months
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