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Editing Database

Discussion in 'F1 2011 - The Game' started by daniel hutner, Mar 28, 2012.

  1. Hi there.

    People, i am trying to edit the database to change driver´s names for season 2012. I´m using the Saison 2012 Mod v2.0 from f1pole.de. Everything is fine, except the names, they are equal 2011. So I edited the tabs ai_driver and f1drivers using Ryder´s Database Editor just changing the names (Nick Heidfeld x Kimi Raikkonen, for example, including resumed name - RAI). Now all the drivers i changed are in blank, or showing the character &. I´ve tried to use Mr.Pibbs database, and didn´t work either.
    Could someone help me?
  2. The names are changed in the language file not in the database
    Now restore the database and apply Mr.pibbs season mod
    then you can get new names
  3. ok, Kartik, thanks a lot for the reply. I´ll try this right now.
  4. Kartik, it works fine. But now i have another situation. I´ve done 3 races, all in wet conditions. But it doesn´t match with the weather report by my engineer and the track seems to be wet just for my car... The AI continues doing lap times equal to dry conditions. I´m using Mr. Pibb and the 2012 mod from f1pole.de... Can i ask for your help again? I would like to edit anything in the game to set chance of rain 0%.
    I like to drive in wet, but in fare conditions....
  5. There is a weather condition tab find it out and set the Rain chance to ZERO
  6. ok, i couldn´t find exactly that. I just found a tab (weather_settings) that indicates that at sunny and light cloud conditions, the rain chance is ZERO. That´s ok, but in Melbourne and Sepang the engineer indicates in the e-mail that race conditions are Light Cloud. Starting the practice, indicates 79% in first round, and 86% chance of rain in the second race. Could it be a problem in database??? Because with the original database i wasn´t exactly Ayrton Senna in wet conditions, but i could maintain the distances i´ve earned in dry. Now, for example, at Melbourne, i was 0,4s faster than McLaren (i´m driving for Ferrari) in dry, and in wet i was 2 seconds slower than a Toro Rosso...
  7. I will look into db and tell you how to make Rain to zero but my suggestion is
    if you try to break just like in dry conditions then you will have Spins and Overshooting breaks
    If you break from 150 point on track then you can break perfectly also Don't use Mix 3 in wet conditions use Mix 1 to get coped with wet conditions and you can gain 4 - 5 sec per lap on AI
  8. exactly, i never used mix 3 on wet races, it´s impossible to control the car using rich mix on wet. Also, it´s my second session in F12011, i did some races in wet at first session, and have no problem. I think there is a trouble in database, but it´s just an opinion. I think that because this difference between the info from my engineer and the probably of rain, and this feeling that the track become wet only for me. I figured that the AI times didn´t change because of the rain.
    Of course, i didn´t have all the expertise to edting database. So, i would like to thank you, Kartik, for your time and help. I hope we can fix it.
    I´m travelling now and i could not use the game until next week. But i´ll be online seeing this post, in a notebook.
    Kartik, again, thanks a lot.
  9. There is a tab named Weather setting in that there are some columns namely Rain chance rain intensity
    if you made rain chance to zero and rain intensity to zero then you can have the Dry sessions all the time
    Hope this helps
  10. Kartik, it finally works... I´tested it today in the second race and... NO RAIN!!! Thanks a lot. Shame that i have to use this and have to loose driving in rain, but now at least i can play the game in fare conditions.
  11. Good to hear and don't worry when you are confident in Driving in rain then go back again to Normal settings as you can have the Best racing experience in rain.:)