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Editing database.bin tyre wear scaling doesn't work

Discussion in 'F1 2012 Mods' started by stash, Sep 25, 2012.

  1. Hello,
    I like f1 2012, but one thing is a bit disappointing in my opinion, and that is the often mentioned not existing tyre wear scaling for races under 100%. I'm not sure, if codemasters is going to release a patch or something like that to implement this feature, and therefore, i tried to do it on my own by editing the database.bin.

    I downloaded the ryder database editor for doing that and edited the section called "tyres". there is a field called "max_distance" with a number representing the distance in miles. I decreased this value of every tyre and saved the file, replaced it and started the game. But when i tried it, i saw no change?? I went back to the database file and decreased every value to only 5 miles for each tyre, because i wanted to see a difference. But when i started the game, there was again no difference.

    Now my question. Am i doing something wrong by editing the database.bin? Do i have to edit an other file, too? Could it be, that i have to edit more values than the max_distance field in the tyre tables to decrease the tyre wear?

    I hope you can help me. Thanks for your reply.

  2. Some of the changes are done by one simple change which works, but others need a bit of trial and error to make them work.
    I have been messing with the weather, wet weather ability, and ai retirements, and have had success, but hav enot tried to change the tyre wear.

    If it's not working you need to look for other possiblities.
    For instance, in the track_model tab, there is a tyre wear level for each track. How about adjusting one of those numbers and see if it changes for that particular track? I wouldn't mind betting the tyre wear would increase if you put some higher numbers in there.
    (example: tyre wear at Monza is shown as 1; run a test to see how many laps before the AI pit, then change the number t 3, and see if they pit in a third of the time).
    Good luck. Back it up first!

  3. max distance is only for the AI's and for the strategy in your strategy menu. There was another 'tab' there which was for the tyre wear. Can't remember which exactly was it tho. Just look around. :)
  4. I've also tried a couple of settings but with no good results. It is mostly Tyre_wear and tyre distance combinations that make a differance.

    I've set the tyre wear to 0.9 for all 3 wear levels but you have to lower the distance to something like 2.13 for the pitstop strategy to work. It worked fine for me on a 100% race but the front runners only pitted on the final lap. Those who were left were sliding all over the place.:confused:
  5. I change de max distance and at the moment works perfectly.
  6. hey keith, any luck in editing the wet race propability? Cause I get rain in Bahrain in career mode :D
  7. Thanks for your replies.

    First of all, i have a question. Is it true, that only the ai cars are affected when i edit the values for the tyre wear or does it also affect me? That's important, because it would be boring if the tyre wear only affects the ai drivers.

    @Keith. I will try your suggestion with the track_model_tab.

    I tried something else, too. I changed in the f1teams table the tyre wear for the front and rear tyres of the mercedes team (as an example). But even that made no difference. It's a bit weird, there are existing so many fields with tyre wear in the database.bin, and every field i tried changed nothing.

    Maybe, certain fields (or all) are only affecting the ai drivers. I will try it a bit on my own, but i hope, there will be released a mod from persons, who have a better skill in editing this file.

  8. please, can someone tell me, if the changes for tyre wear in the database.bin only affecting the ai cars or the player car too? Because when it's only affecting ai cars, it's a waste of time.