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Edit / Switch Active Track

Discussion in 'Bob's Track Builder' started by Alex Kyriak, Nov 22, 2010.

  1. has anyone noticed in the Edit / Switch Active Track dialogue box that there's a numerical/spinner box just to the right of the "Visible" check box that is by default 0.00, and when you hover the mouse over it the tooltip says:

    "Allows track to be raised to place skidmarks upon"

    Has anyone used this? What does it do? How does it work? Is it useful?
  2. I think the idea was that instead building many walls above the track, you could copy the whole thing and using material change sections - fill the rised track with transparent materials like skidmarks, dirt etc. Leaving some parts of the copied track without any material is possible - no polygons there :) You can even split the copied track for parts. Just saving time, I guess.
    I used it once, but the option seemed not to work - nothing happened - the track was not moving up or down. The solution was to select all nodes of the "fake" track and move them up just a little in max zoomed 2D side-view ;)
  3. I got something to happen by setting the number and then copying the track, but it was only the very start that was raised.
  4. I see... Very interesting effect, LOL :D On the picture I copied the track three times with different settings - it always affects the very first line of polygons.
    I also thought it could be some setting to specify what exactly could mean "Grounded" for walls, so i draw one (visible as white there) - also not this one.
    So, seems to be the option does not work properly? Maybe in btb 2.0 :tongue: :)

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