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edit cockpit camera

Discussion in 'F1 2015 - The Game' started by TurcoMaldade, Jul 13, 2015.

  1. based on the earlier editions of the series, is there any way to edit the cockpit camera so I can make it get closer to the wheel in order to have a more proper field of view since I'm using three monitors...?
  2. In this moment the "Modding Section" of F1 2015 it's stopped,thanks to the new encoding of the files in the game,but when we find a good program for extract all,you will see all the modders releasing,cameras,liverys,etc.

  3. Earlier F1 games used .xml format which was easily readable and editable, however the vast majority of F1 2015s files are in an unknown format that may also be encrypted - so right now there's no chance of changing the camera.

    As soon as it becomes modable I'll be all over it and release this years LS Cockpit Camera Mod!
  4. thnks, guys.
    I wish the game had proper triple screen support. =/
  5. hello guys can anyone explain how am i supposed to change the camera so i look above the helmet of the driver. through cycling the cameras, i dont get the one on the top of the helmet that was on 2014.