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Edit AI line in an easy way?

Discussion in 'Stock Car Extreme' started by Slade Mitchell, Mar 2, 2014.

  1. Hey all.

    I am using an add on track, with an add on car (I know... already a bad combo for a help topic) but I am just wondering if there is anyway I am able to change the AI's line through 1 corner. They are hitting a curb, and flipping in a certain corner, and I want to move the line a little more to the left so they dont hit the curb.

    Is this possible, and is it easy? I looked into something called "Bob's Track Builder" but I didn't see support for GSC2013.

    Any help or advice?
  2. Hi, take a look at this page: Click me
    You'll have to register to download it, I believe, but it's worth it since there are some more usable tools and mods on that page which can be used more or less smoothly in GSC just as much as in RFactor. Don't be scared by the - well - rather strange looking interface of the tool I linked. Once you've opened it, click on the green button called "file", click on load AIW file, move to your addon-track folder and open up the AIW file located in that folder. A pop-up will show up which you can close without further consideration. The map that's opened now should look somewhat familiar. Navigate with the arrow keys (numpad arrows for more settle movement) to the spot where the AI hits the wall. (Zoom in and out with numpad +/-) now use either x or c to select the waypoint you want to change (keep it pressed if you can't find it, you'll notice it, trust me) move that one to the place where you want to change the WP as well.
    Now on the left side of the interface, there is firstly sth called WP_MPath and WP_Path with some values in the first box on the right, which is the most important one. They are different for every WP. Now, you can change a couple of these values by a little bit and you'll notice the difference of the WP-Alignment. They pretty much tell the AI how far off the AI should drive from the middle. The WP_Path value is the one the AI will try to drive, the other one is the one they fall back to if the perfect line is not drivable, if I recall correctly. Now, after you've altered the WP so they won't hit the wall, you'll notice it's a little bit off from the other waypoints, obviously. So you select one of the WPs and press "s". You'll notice an orange line (press x or c to smoothen the curve or make it tighter or whatever). Play around a little bit until you think the curve looks good, than press "create curve" under WP_Path. It will create a curve and the AI will try to drive that one from now on. Play around a little bit and always try out the new lines in-game. Don't forget to keep an eye on the WP_MPath value as well, so both curves look smooth and doesn't cause the AI to crash. Always make a backup of the original AIW file. Hope that helped. It's not as hard as it may seem at first.
  3. Shauwn that's very helpful. I wanted to try and help but I couldn't remember as it was so long since I used the program, whether the rfactor AIW files work ok, or whether they had to be converted to GSC.
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  4. Hi
    How can I change the AI level in qualifying and in race. Level AI in quali is OK but in the race AI are slower than in quali.
    I don't see in AIW file some words with "qauli" and "race".

    Thanks for help
  5. In the AIW, after these three lines:

    add the following two lines:
    QualRatio=(1.000) // Used to adjust AI speed in qual compared to base values
    RaceRatio=(1.050) // Used to adjust AI speed in race compared to base values

    In this example Race ratio is set to 105%, so the AI should be quicker in the race.
    HOWEVER, I am yet to be convinced it actually makes a difference, I'd be interested to hear if you have any luck with it. I have tested it at Monaco and could see no change, but I thought it worked on other tracks in the past. I have a bad feeling that maybe it only worked in earlier versions of rFactor.

    Failing this (if GSC allows it), the alternative would be to make a set of race tyres that run slower than the normal ones. Then you can qualify on the normal tyres and race on the slower tyres. This depends on what cars you are using and whether it allows you to choose tyres.
  6. Thanks for fast answer, but it doesn't work :(
  7. I'm not entirely sure but I believe the AI_Limiter in the PLR has something to do with that ratio as well. Meaning, that if that value is above zero, the racing speed is will be reduced in comparison to the qualifying speed (also makes the gaps between AI cars bigger, but that's beside the point). However, I think in the core version of GSC that value should already be at 0, but maybe double-check your plr file to make sure it wasn't altered for some reason. And, as I've already said I'm not entirely sure, no promises.
  8. AI_Limiter in the PLR has value 0, but thanks for your reply.