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EC Sim Hardware WRC 3 Advanced Plugin

Discussion in 'WRC 4 The Game' started by hwangm, Dec 18, 2012.

  1. This was released last week, I didn't see any link here so here it is

    Best mod for WRC3 - enabling multiple different peripherals to work with WRC 3 - and tripple screen ...I think ( Im using single so I can't test this, but you can adjust resolution to your 3 screens combined)
    - adjustable Live in-car FOV+/- and seat up/down and seat Left and right etc or (xPadder assignment on your button box)
    - ability to save and load FOV/seat settings on the fly
    - ability to adjust linearity and testing analogue controllers (steering, analogue handbrake, clutch, brake and gas) before the game begin and save those settings.
    - ability to change resolution

    This have made WRC 3 so much better to play with , the gas and brake are much more sensitive now. instead of having to push to 80% before the gas start to engage.

    I've tested this with Th8RS H-Patern mode, Frex Shift + and Frex Handbrake + all working together. even clutch works as they should.

    didn't try this with my CSP and T500 since I now use the T500 pedal full time. they are much natural/better feeling overall.
  2. hey! just tested this mod yesterday, a blast!
  3. I have a problem.The game runs in 60fps but i have a lot of stuttering.I didn't had this problem with the 0.5 version.
  4. I cannot figure out which download link to click on this damn website it directs me too. Please help