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Tracks Ebisu Minami (Drift Stadium) 0.1

Ebisu Minami (Drift Stadium) BETA v0.1

  1. ????
  2. Tks for the great effort. Scale is way more accurate that other versions. Pitlane area very bumpy. I am on a motion rig so I feel it more acutely. Please keep up the good work. looking forward to refinements and updates
  3. I don't know if you're still working on this but here's a little feedback.

    The pit area is super bumpy just like smokeybandit mentioned. And there are certain parts of the track that you can clip through. Me and my friend were trying to tandem drift, I touched his rear end a tiny bit, sent him off track and he went through the ground. The track is accurate for the most part.
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  4. Are you still supporting this track?

    Best Regards