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Tracks Eastern Creek Raceway 0.91

Australian racing track

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  1. Good update, nice changes you made a great track out of a nice one. thanks, I have enjoyed this race senn the first time i set whhells on it... now it even better.
  2. This track is sick so far, great work!

    I keep getting launched into the air just before the main straight though and can't finish the lap. EC is one of my home circuits so I really really want this to work so I can practice!
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  3. I have followed the online vids on how to install tracks, I have tried installing this track multiple times but with no luck, it wont load.
    When I load up assetto corsa I get an error that says something along the lines of "ERROR with content eastern creek/ view log for details".
    Any help getting this to work would be greatly appreciated as this is my home track (would like this to practice) and the only reason I bought AC on pc was for this mod. (I have the game already on PS4)
  4. Could you post your log.txt please? You can find it in /my documents/assetto corsa/logs/