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Eastern Creek Laser conversion to Simbin (Requesting permission)

Discussion in 'Bob's Track Builder' started by mianiak, Apr 10, 2011.

  1. Hi all! ltns,

    Some people have been asking for Eastern Creek Laser to be converted to Simbin format and as an R&D project I decided to convert it.

    Brendan stated in the readme that if anyone wanted to further develop the track to contact him, but he also states "No permission is granted to use the Eastern Creek track, either in part or whole for any other project or racing game." But I don't know if what he means there is 'not allowed for commercial purposes' or if it also means that not even for community release. But at any rate, since no one can get a hold of Brendan there is no way I can ask him for permission anyway :D

    A lot of people in this community have worked on the track. That being the case, I'm wondering that maybe amongst yourselves you might be able to come up with an idea to allow permission for this track to be released?

    ATM I only have it working in GTL, it's a first step. I can't get it into GTR2 because I don't have GTR2, but I can prepare it for GTR2 and (if I can get permission) hopefully find someone that can test it for me. I do have race07/etc, so it will be done for that too.

    I am cool with whatever the outcome, I understand ethics and I understand and respect peoples hard work, I will not do anything with it if I cannot get permission. If that's the case, then it will just remain on my system and never be published, there will be no time wasted for me because from doing this (as I mentioned it being an R&D project) I have learned how to convert rFactor tracks to Simbin.

    The only point to take note of is that there is the chance other people are working on converting it. My concern is, will what ever they do be done in a way the creators would want it done?
    With what I am offering to do here, this conversion can be done openly and properly and have the same great impact on Simbin as it has on rFactor. :)

    Here are some screenshots from gtl.



  2. gee I wish you luck with this, would be great to have
  3. Thanks Paul! Thanks for showing support towards this project. I think it is important for people who do wish for this to happen to speak up. :)