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Early 80's Pirelli tyres

Discussion in 'F1 2012 Mods' started by aagancia, Mar 19, 2013.

  1. aagancia


    another tyre for the '83 mod...
    Early 80's Pirelli tyres [​IMG] *includes with and without "P7" on tyre wall
    *options have red marks (in case you forget what you fitted)
    * super softs and softs are assigned as option tyres. They will have the red mark on the sidewall. So in tracks like Monaco and Singapore, both prime and option will have the red mark. In tracks like Spa and Monza, both prime and option will NOT have the red mark.

    Sometimes teams had the "P7" on, sometimes they did not.

    I could not get good info on what treads they used in the wet. I was guessing the classic Cinturato of the 80's or the Corsa of the late 70's, but could not confirm it. So I used the AVON treads used in historic races.

    thanks and enjoy.:)

    alternative link:

    Download link:
    Early 80's Pirelli tyres
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  2. doc303


    yes you made it good :)
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  3. Steven Poirier

    Steven Poirier


    Really good job, i know its difficult to find good picture, but all of 1997 picture i got was find inside Gettyimage or Flickr. We got more good quality picture under those site. So you do a search about F1 1997 or forumla one 1997 like i did for my ref picture. One point for Getty image, you got 3 choice to searching, pick Editorial images.
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  4. Doker


    great job aagancia
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