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DynHUD stutter & 4K display issue.

Discussion in 'Automobilista' started by Large Style, Aug 31, 2016.

  1. Hi all,

    I'm experiencing unplayable amounts of general game stuttering when entering a race while using DynHUD, and wondered if there's a fix either available or perhaps in the works? The stutter isn't present during a practice session with DynHUD, and isn't present at all (any session) when using native HUD - but as I like the DynHUD very much I'd rather keep it if at all possible.

    Also, when running the game in 4K, the HUD isn't displayed correctly (the position section - shown in the below image). I know there's a HUD editor within the game files, but I'd prefer to see an official fix rather than trying to get around it myself (hint hint Reiza). ;)


    That all said, I'm still really enjoying this title and look forward to future updates / improvements!
  2. So I'll reply to myself then...

    I've seemingly fixed / gotten around my 2 issues: the stutter is seemingly gone now since I deleted the track map from the hud using the supplied DynHUD editor, and the second problem has been fixed by making the box size for the position section large - it still isn't right as in the editor I had to set it up in the wrong place for it to go into the right place in game. Examples below. Dunno why but it's better so job done.