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DynHUD Status Flags?

Discussion in 'Automobilista' started by senna9922, Aug 2, 2016.

  1. Please any help, I was try to display flags in the race.
    I was set everything in dyn hud editor.exe, but in the game is visible only green flag.
    Can someone confirm is this widgets work or I doing something wrong.

    Thanks in advance
  2. It never worked, unfortunately. Reiza even removed it from the editor AFAIK

  3. Thanks for response, it sad story.
    Because I use helmet mod from gid plugin and is not possible to see flag in corner of screen, but now also I was found, there is conflict with d3d9.dll,
    so is possible to work only one plugin. Thanks one more time for answer, and I hope somebody will fix this with flags.
  4. My apologies it is possible

    Mar 22, 2016#31
    Martin Vindis

    Premium Member

    @RafaBarbosa Yes you can, I'll walk you through the steps

    1) Rename the d3d9.dll file of DynHUD to something like d3d9_DynHUD.dll
    2) Open the DunHUD editor and set it up as you wish. In your case, remove anything but the detla bar.
    3) Open GIDPlugin.ini and replace the line that say OriginalD3D9Dll=DEFAULT toOriginalD3D9Dll=d3d9_DynHUD.dll. Save and exit
    4) Go race!
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  5. Sorry for bringing this back to the top again but could you please help with hud editing?
    I would like to remove the g_force meter and rearrange a few things. When i move or remove things i seem to either not move them or they only are moved for one session or practice but i save it to all.
    Please help me.
  6. I've answered you on the Reiza forum, but gonna paste it here as well:

    You`re probably not opening the right hud file!
    If i`m not mistaken, the HUD that comes with the G-Meter activated is the `Telemetry` one.
    So open your Editor, go to File and locate the Telemetry folder:
    "C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Automobilista\Plugins\DynHUD\config\overlays\Telemetry"
    Change all files (overlay.ini, overlay_RACE.ini) if you don`t it in any of the game sessions!
    If you only want one hud for all sessions, leave only the overlay.ini file and edit him. It will be loaded for all sessions.
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  7. You are the Man , Thank You .