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DynHud in 1.50+...Is there now native Support?

Discussion in 'Stock Car Extreme' started by Barney68, Jan 24, 2016.

  1. Got RFdynhud working in versions prior to 1.50. Just noticed that we now have Dynhud already in the plugins folder, but it doesn't seem to be active in game?

    Am I missing something here. Do we have custom Huds in game now and how do we get it to work.

    Apologies if this is a stupid question. I am just about to try and get rfdynhud to work in 1.52 but don't want to faff about if it is already there.

    Thanks in advance.
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  2. Renato Simioni

    Renato Simioni
    Reiza Studios

    It was initially implemented for the trackmap, but then switched back to the old trackmap in v1.51. So for SCE v1.52, there´s no DynHUD. It will be natively built-in for Automobilista.
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  3. ouvert


    Man, Automobilista looks more and more like every simracers wet dream...
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  4. at most, almost just 2 months max to go!
  5. Thanks for the confirmation Renato. I knew you had reverted the trackmap but didn't appreciate the whole Dynhud folder was there for just the map!
    Will try to get this plugin working again now :)
  6. Dann Murillo

    Dann Murillo

    Please post again if you get it working. I thought JAVA was the problem with dynhud. I would be very happy if it worked in SCE and I am THRILLED to read it will be "natively built-in for Automobilista". I am SO ready for AMS!!
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  7. @xerocoul, got it working last night :)
    Only on phone right now but will post again later tonight...
  8. I got this working in GSC 1.52 with these steps

    Make sure you have taken a backup of the files you delete/replace in these steps below. I take no responsibilty for you damaging your install :( I also assume your are familiar with the GSC folder structures.

    Firstly google and download this version of Java (jre-6u37-windows-i586) and a copy of rfDynHUD.
    Install said version of Java Runtime.

    Assuming you have a copy of rfDynHUD downloaded from somewhere...
    1. Delete the DynHUD folder from your plugins folder that came with GSC 1.52
    2. Delete DynHUD.dll from from your plugins folder that came with GSC 1.52
    3. Delete TrackMapPlugin.ini from your GSC2013 folder.

    Then from your rfDynHUD archive you downloaded...
    1. place d3d9_rfdynhud.dll and TrackMapPlugin.ini to your root GSC2013 folder.
    2. Put the rfdynHUD plugins folder into your GSC2013/Plugins folder
    3. Put rfdynhud.dll into your GSC2013/Plugins folder.

    Not sure if this matters but I renamed "GSC.exe" to "rfactor.exe" and ran the game once. Then renamed back to "GSC.exe" (One of the pugins I used needed this step back in the day, it may not matter?)

    That should be it. Use the editor to configure your HUD how you like it. Remember to run the editor as Administrator. ;) I have been using it with the following steps for three hours or so of driving with no issues.

    Final note, I use a motec telemetry plugin, and Motecs [ctrl+m] will turn off the Dynhud. Just press [M] again and it will come back. (Issue with Trackmap). I also assume you know how to turn off the vanilla ingame HUDs.

    If anyone still struggles, let me know and I will post my working files :)

    Hope this helps someone as others posts have helped me.
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