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Dynhud 2560x1440

Discussion in 'Automobilista' started by JoelGL, Mar 11, 2016.

  1. I think I need a 2560x1440 background to get to edit the widgets properly. Quite difficult to align them. Does someone have one, or show me how I can do it? TIA.
  2. shedz

    Premium Member

    Try this

    steam - settings - in game - screenshot folder
    Choose a folder to save screenshots in. You can change the shortcut key for screenshots here too.

    In game press the screenshot shortcut key, exit game.

    Copy from screenshots folder to X:\Automobilista\Plugins\DynHUD\editor\backgrounds\Reiza T-Cam\background_2560x1440

    Open dynhud editor, Resolutions - choose your resolution.

    BTW I had to make sure steam overlay was enabled to get the screenshot shortcut key to work.
    Also, I find setting the place for widgets works perfectly if I change dynhud to use pixels rather than percentages.
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  3. About that, i have screenshots being saved on automobilista main directory and the steam screenshots directory. I think i can solve this remapping one of Keys (mostly sure i have same key for screenshot assign to AMS and steam)