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Dynamic Weather?

Discussion in 'F1 2010 - The Game' started by Anthony Lucas, Oct 3, 2010.

  1. Does anyone know how the dynamic weather works in the game?
    Because it always seems to be raining on my race day the only one that it hasnt rained on is Bahrain wonder why ha.
    But is the weather based on live weather or is it randomised for every session.
    Honestly though i dont mind the rain because i like taking the risk and driving flat out whereas the AI dont like the rain which is stupid but im just curious as to how it works.:confused:
  2. I do know that I have experienced dynamic weather twice, once in Melbourne and once in China where rain started during practice requiring full wets, then stopped 15 mins later needing inters and finally a dry line appeared and went to options. Very cool and well done.
  3. It's work in career mode for me... one race at China went for dry to wet in 5 laps with 9 remaining. At Istanbul, it went from hard rain, (started in inter's) to a drying line, but I raced Inter's the entire race.

    I think a problem exist with grip when dynamic weather happens, as in my China race, no AI pitted for wet tyres. Also, in my Istanbul race I never noticed the grip changing much!

    I'm running no tyre Sim and no furl Sim until patch is released.
    Also, I do experience punctures with no tyre Sim in race weekend. Hope that helps, all this is in career mode.
  4. Theres not much change in grip with the weather. I find braking distances are a little longer and cornering speeds are a bit lower, but not that much different as i would expect it to be.

    The weather does change though, and it is pretty cool...although the only annoying thing is, you have change the tyres in the pits, as well as keep your foot on the throttle in the pits, bit tricky when your pit garage is one of the first ones. Surely if its obviously wet, your running slicks, then surely the obvious choice is not to put some other slicks on the car.

    Did that once in malaysia, and the grip just went suddenly, while running slicks in the wet. Wasn't a gradual loss of pace, running fairly decent laptimes, despite rain coming down, rooster tails out the back, then the grip just suddenly went - no warning.
  5. yeah that happens often to me ha most races i drive in seems to rain but as i said i like going gun ho on wet tracks its a good laugh even the offs are more fun ha but i would like to do some races in the dry ive only done one race out of ten in dry weather ha oh well what can you do
  6. Yeah changes all the time.

    I dont know what that guy is talking about because in rain my laps are 10 seconds slower so the grip changes a ton. Try driving on slicks and tell me that :)
  7. Ye did now 3 laps in rain: Shanghai - Hockenheim - Spa-Francorchamps. And it realy is changing the grip, plus your screen will be less so it realy is liek watch ur food on the pedals
  8. i find that to it really is worse in the rain but if theres a drying line its not so bad but when the track is soaking it is hard to drive on slicks