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PC Dynamic Weather(AI problems and bugs...)

Discussion in 'Project CARS' started by Martin Larsen, May 9, 2015.

  1. Anyone who have tested AI on dynamic weather race here? For me its just like the F1 games by Codemasters, the same bugs...

    The race started with fog and dry then everything was fine a good battle with the AI for the lead and we drove very similair pace just like practice and quali. Then it got colder or something since my tire temp. dropped and never got it back, but the AI had no problems and was faster then me now. Then 1-2laps later it started to rain so then slicks had NO grip for me ofc, but the AI still was driving the same laptimes as before. So I had to pit for inters tires, but the AI never pited and drove just as fast as I did on inters while they were still on slicks on a very wet track.

    This was on career mode in Prototype 2/LMP3 with the Caterham, so any one here who have tested the dynamic weather?

    And when talks about the same bugs as Codemasters, they have the same AI quali bug as Codemasters to. When you fast forward or skip to end of the session the AI often driver some secunds faster then they do if they if you run the session normal

    So I really like this game. But, it feels like early access acctually... I mean so much stuff are planned to be added in DLC/updates, so much big bugs, some coming soon content in the game etc...
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  2. I was about to start a tread on every single issue you stated here. Glad you beat me to it. But yeah it's pretty ridiculous and game breaking. I found that just using the fast forward time option fixes the stupid fast AI qualifying times when skipping. But I'm dumbfounded with their ability to be unaffected by changing weather. And that really is game breaking. This needs to be fixed asap.
  3. Msportdan

    @ Simberia @Simberia

    really oh my :(

    this what worried me the most when games start including flashy weather systems!!!

    do the ai actually cope with them too.!!

    ..and not one WMD beta member spot this :(
  4. Yes this needs to be addressed ASAP. How on earth was this not pointed about before, it ruins the entire game!!!!!!!
  5. I assume it must be a bit of a nightmare to program hence why various devs have struggled with it in various games.

    Anyone know what its like in rFactor 2 ?
  6. Yeah this is a huge deal. Once it starts raining, I'm lucky to make it back to the pits in one piece and the AI is gaining on me and overtaking me the whole time in trying to get back. And then they don't even follow me into the pits to change tires. They just go on about their business as if it's still sunny and dry. I wish I could just turn the rain off in career. I mean it's pretty but I prefer driving on an optimal condition track anyway.
  7. Can someone report this on forum
  8. This game is so like F1 games by codemasters, ALL the same bugs....First off what I wrote in the 1st post ofc, but also AI are not affected by fuel weight and tire temps...

    I mean I like this game, but right now there is so much bugs that I doubt I will continue on the career mode before a patch...

    But, when they fix the problems this game will have the best AI ever. 2 best races I have ever had in Single Player, almost better then online... was in the Caterham LMP3 car in Imola. So much fighting, overtaking etc with NO contact. You really have to spend time to find the right AI setting for you. If I increase it by 3% then everything changes from those 2 awesome races to AI crashing me out, cutting corners to pass etc....
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  9. Msportdan

    @ Simberia @Simberia

    Apart from visually rf2 is the nearest to reality. Ai do change to wets. But its harder than pcars in the wet

    Personally if rf2 had pcars gfx it would be untouchable!
  10. This is the real issue!!! The AI is GOOD but it newer pit during storm weather for tire change... very strange and disappointing!!! SMS, please fix that!!!!
  11. Frank

    Administrator Staff Premium

    It is bad.
  12. I confirm this! But SMS should definitely fix that otherwise you can't enjoy career mode when the rain comes..... :-( It's a shame!!! The rain is so important in pCARS but AI newer reacts to it correctly!! (pitting)
  13. Today I have tested formula A on heavy rain with wet tires + 23 AI (no dynamic weather change). They seem too effective while cornering... I'm confused... do they drive the same on dry/wet even without dynamic weather change?
  14. I have not tested that in race Mike85. But in quali they drive deffintly slower in rain then dry. But that doens have to mean anything, since dynamic weather changes affect the AI on qualy it looks like but not in the race...
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  15. well i just tried this on a career race... it ends up pouring it down and the ai improve lap times. what a **** game lol. It's rendered career mode useless.
  16. I hope they will fix that in the next patch! if AI in practice/quali is slower on wet, then it shouldn't be a big problem fixing them for the race... i hope!
  17. Acctually it the problem sems to be what we dont get a proper weather forecast but the AI know the weather. So when they know its going to rain early they start on wet tires, while we dont know anything about the weather and start on slicks. So if it rains late in the race they do pit.

    Anyone who have tested or seen that? Im not sure on it, just wonders...
  18. Yeah they definitely drive slower if it's raining from the START of a race or qualifying. It's only a problem when the weather changes mid-session. In that case it doesn't seem to affect their lap times whatsoever. Surely this will be patched asap. I'm not too worried about that as this is a very serious issue.