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Dynamic Racing Line

Discussion in 'F1 2012 - The Game' started by Mitchell Smith, Sep 21, 2012.

  1. Yes

    3 vote(s)
  2. No

    10 vote(s)
  3. Yes, but only DRL

    1 vote(s)
  4. Yes, but only Automatic Gears

    1 vote(s)
  5. Yes, but only in Club races, not League

    5 vote(s)
  1. So I was talking to Dmitry and I thought that while everyone is getting up to speed with the game, there are new players and people who are not used to tracks like Singapore, Austin, ectera, and I got to thinking that there may be a way to ensure some safety for the new few racers in club races.

    Keeping with the fashion of not using assists, I thought to help new players perhaps, if the majority desired, we could allow dynamic racing line use and maybe even automatic gears to help new additions to leagues / club races ectera. (While not necessarily helping laptimes they make the game more accessible, autogears are needed especially for disabled racers)

    What are your thoughts?
  2. When I started gaming back at the begining of F1 2010 I used TC, ABS, Racing line. That time I played only carrier so from season to season I left one assists. When the first league here started suddenly I had to learn to drive without TC (that was my last assists). First it was pretty hard but I got used to that because I was forced to.

    I think if your goal is to drive without assists then don't start using them because you will get used to them. Even racing line. If you use that you won't feel the brake distances you just look always for the point when the line start to became orange or red.

    I would say start taking everything slow and if you are confortable in a speed then start pushing a bit more and more.

    That's just my advice and point of view.
  3. Just as Zoltan said I agree. Everyone, even myself, are still learning breaking points in this new game. Can take a race easy to figure it out too so everyone is in the same boat as the newbies to club racing anyway.
  4. Back in 2010 I raced with DRL. It was really easy because I didn't used my head at all. As soon I joined first club race it became not so easy because I had to dump it and learn braking and turning points. Yes it was very hard but in the end it became much more satisfying, it was like new level of racing. Imagine yourself in the cockpit without assists racing against someone with TC and ABS in the rain. That is not very fair, and many people join club races only when they see that all assists are disabled (NB: auto gearbox doesn't give any advantage, actually it is somewhat slower than manual). Thats my opinion. RD club races are extremely competitive because there are all very professional people around. Personally I think it should be up to host to decide to allow assists or not, I would like to stick with no assists enabled, relying on the people who know what they want.
  5. Well the title of the thread is DRL but I was more leaning towards auto gears anyway, not because we need them but because I know alot of disabled drivers that need auto gears, a friend of mine who you all should know, KampferAs, Gunther Rowe, he's missing some fingers and therefore can't shift properly with manual, anyway that was my intention. Your right too, auto gears don't give any advantages.
  6. I think we always had allowed auto gearbox in club races, that's not a big deal. I know some people race with auto gearbox in club races.
  7. My opinion: grow a set.
  8. I voted 'yes, but only in club races'. Reason for that is that anyone is free to host their own races and choose what assists they want. If you are new and need assists, host a game and other new players like you will join.

    The last time I used assists was GTR 1 from Simbin. And that was ABS only. I never touched assists in Codies F1 games except the racing line in F1 2010 in offline practice to learn the new tracks. My advice is forget about assists, the handling is already as easy as they could make it. :)
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  9. I agree only on club races, is not like in a league or anything, not everyone here is fast, or perhaps not everyone here somehow thinks they are Senna flying, so yeah.

    I dont use it but it doesnt bother me of others do, I kn0w my tracks like the back of my hands, but that doesnt mean banning them for the new comers.
  10. Surely though as new drivers me included were allowed to use the racing line to learn the track, as no one else sees it apart from the driver who is using it so it should not matter whether it being used or not, just my opionion and if it able to be used you might get a few more people driving as a lot of people would be scared to drive in these leagues as they would be nearly or be lapped during a race, which puts a lot of people off joining leagues.
  11. it's all down to the guys who set up the race events, whoever wants to set up the club events and host then allow the assist, maybe in the first post of the thread have

  12. Personally thats what you practise for, you can easily do a race on a track or setup a online race on that track using racing line to learn the track so you know the track before the RD race.

    I know people who have kids or are working alot don't get much time to practise, but the time they do get (if put to learning a track) can be the most important thing they do with there spare time.

    Sorry but i have to say no to this as its not right and the driving line isn't alway's the right (braking zones been a perfect example).