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Dynamic racing line in GSC 2013

Discussion in 'Stock Car Extreme' started by stash, Nov 29, 2013.

  1. Hi,
    i don't know if something like this already exists for this game but i didn't found something in this direction.

    Is it possible to implement a dynamic racing line in this game? I'm not really sure if it is the official expression. This racing line is just a transparent racing line on the track which indicates the optimal racing line. Furthermore the line is changing its colour from green to red infront of corners (red = too fast).

    I think this is really a cool feature which more and more racing games are offering. Especially when you don't know the track it is a really cool tool to get to know the track.
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  2. If the game has flashback feature is even cooler so i can practice any difficult corner again & again without need to waste so much time go over the whole lap before back to that particular corner

  3. @LazyBug: yes, that would be great, too.

    I really like the ai, but sometimes it happens that they spin you around and finally the whole race is over. Same can easily happen when you miss apex of corner and get on green. So features like racing line, brake markers or flashback could help.

    @reiza: could someone of your crew could just give a small statement if a dynamic racing line, brake markers or flashbacks will be part of the game in the future.
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  4. For a game like this i doubt they would include a racing line, but flashbacks is something that can stay away in my opinion. Just when you get on a track take it slow and start looking at marker boards/landmarks to find your braking points as you up you pace every lap or so.
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  5. I wouldn't be against it. If it's a feature which detracts nothing from the core simulation, I say go nuts.

    Anything which makes race sims more approachable to everyone else is great. If impenetrable games like Dota 2 can get a full tutorial and large, temporary, changes to game modes to introduce people I'm sure sims can do better. We've already got great pad support, and while that had no impact on my play style since I own a wheel, I understand that it goes further to put the game in other peoples hands.

    I can't understand why some people would be so against their favourite game selling more copies. Sim Racing makes the fighting game community look like a starbucks coffee shop.
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  6. If need help learning a track, just hit the "I" key when on track, the AI will take over and you can ride along to see the proper line and braking points.