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Other Dynamic helmet for DynHUD 1.0

Dynamic helmet for DynHUD

  1. senna9922 submitted a new resource:

    Dynamic helmet for DynHUD - Dynamic helmet for DynHUD

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  2. pic would be very useful ;) beside this you can create textures what are higher than your monitor resolution, never heared its restricted ^^
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  3. yes my friend you can edit with dyn hud editor.exe, but I don't know how it looks on screen
    1920x1080. Because the helmet image need to be on correct position.

    best regards
  4. Hello, I tried it on GSC and did not work ...
    Do you have any idea if there way to make it work at GSC?

    Thank you.

  5. No I sorry, I even don't have GSC
    but if you have G-Meter in GSC, you can try to replace ball image with 1366x768.png
    and adjust the fineness with dynhud_editor.exe

    Best regards