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Dxtweak accel settings

Discussion in 'Richard Burns Rally' started by function9, May 9, 2014.

  1. Has anyone tried using dxtweak to calibrate the throttle so that the whole range can actually be used in game? Until now I've been using the filter setting in game for the throttle, I set curvature1 to 20 blocks. While it's an improvement over the default it's far from ideal.

    I tried dxtweak and adjusted the center and max values at different times. The problem is in game, as soon as I press on the accelerator it will it'll rev up to max and stay there, even taking my foot off it's still stuck at max throttle.
  2. Something was weird. Rebooted my computer and the throttle locking up didn't happen anymore.

    So far the closest I've gotten is with these settings:


    Still isn't perfect because the first maybe quarter of the pedal's movement does nothing. But, I think there's a lot more control thereafter, more than what can be done within the game alone in my opinion.