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Released Duryea Hillclimb V1.0

Discussion in 'Bob's Track Builder Projects' started by mianiak, Oct 28, 2009.

  1. Duryea Hillclimb - The Blue Mountain Region SCCA hosts the longest hill in the PHA series. Named for the obscure automobile maker and following the same route that Charles Duryea used to test his cars, this is a 2.3 mile hill located in a beautiful city park in downtown Reading, PA. With a history dating back to 1951
    For more information on Duryea Hill Climb please go here http://www.pahillclimb.org/Courses/Reading.htm

    There are some known issues like, guard rail texture, terrain shading and I need to put a speed bump or something at the start to prevent rolling starts.

    But what ever you do, don't hit the guard rails! :D

    Download: http://forum.racedepartment.com/downloads/rfactor-tracks/7/duryeahillclimb-v1-0-rar-1862/

  2. I'm definitely going to try this one, from the screens it looks very good!
  3. Very nice project, it would be nice to see this hillclimb in Richard Burns Rally as well :lashes:.
  4. looks wicked mate...!
  5. Thanks for the praise!

    I don't know what needs to be done for RBR, I don't have RBR, can I just export it or do other things need to be done?\

    [ED] A friend of mine has a temp server up quite often with the track running on it, we usually use the SO76 or Osella mod. Anyone is welcome to join.
  6. How did you do the tree shadows? What settings did you use?
  7. Well done! The time you spent crafting the "mood" has been well worthwhile.
  8. Alexkyriak, I used the default static shadow effect at medium using the texture as reference. I made the trees very wide, which was needed to make the 'tree tunnel' and from doing that it made the shadows very dominant.
    Not every tree has a shadow, I used the nearto tool and put the trees that cast shadow close to the track and not deep I think it was like 5m from centre and 7m deep.
    One more thing I did to create the effect was to make the top of the tree texture bright and the bottom dark, not to much variation, just a subtle amount. The contrast of light and dark gives it a darker feel on the road.

    Thanks Emery!
  9. Thanks for the detailed info, Mianiak - I thought they were very well done, nice technique.