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Dunlop Series 2015

Discussion in 'Team ORSM' started by Mick-S, May 14, 2015.

  1. made a start :
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  2. Are you even human?

    Look good man
  3. Hi mate, would love to help where I can if Im needed.
  4. I sent some pictures this morning Mick, that was before I saw this thread, still should be of use though
  5. are you going to add your team car in this skinpack like the last skinpack for the Dunlop series, the Mick Sutcliffe Racing car, and if you do will it be different design, I liked the cars you added for your team last skinpack made it a little different with a different team not in the main series
  6. How are the skins going mick
  7. a few more
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  8. Can you please post anymore photos please?
  9. Lochi Mick posts photos as he goes by the looks of it so that's why he hasn't put anymore, I am not having a go at you but he does by what I have seen. I may be wrong though
  10. Apologies I wasn't aware of that
  11. I don't think anyone here would have a problem, I don't
  12. hows the skins going mick