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Ducati HD Red 2013-09-27

zelimper's HD Duc's

  1. Thimoty Decrans submitted a new resource:

    Ducati HD Red - zelimper's HD Duc's

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  2. Default in HD with better fitting red, is it ?
    Many thanks for all of them
  3. completely redone .ecept for the engine parts
    the original file is 1024 pixels, this one is 4096, with..in my eyes better red , yes..:D
    this one is closest to the real one, not a 100% accurate for logo placements but pretty close..
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  4. Thanks, this is a great quality mod. Is it possible to create an alternative version with:
    Kobo sponsor near the front number (see Laguna Seca picture)
    bigger Shell logo near front tyre (pictures: 1 and 2)
    bigger Battlax logo near rear tyre (pictures: 1 and 2)
    Shell logo logo over rear tyre, between the two Battlax logos (picture here)
  5. Thanks man. ;)
  6. Thanks mate :Dbtw you didn't upload the mix file for this one your website, same with silver as well.
    Last edited: Sep 27, 2013
  7. yes, uploading now :)
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  8. Thanks :thumbsup:
  9. [​IMG]
    See who would take this one for a ride in HD over the 1198R :p