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DUCATI - 90th Anniversary release date

Discussion in 'RIDE' started by Charlie Rosco, Jun 1, 2016.

  1. Charlie Rosco

    Charlie Rosco

    After keeping a keen eye on the steam page for this game, they have finally put a release date on it of June 10th.

    Apparently there is 39 different bikes and "5 faithfully reproduced country tracks and 8 official circuits." From the screen shots on the steam page, it looks like they just used the RIDE tracks, although it does say Misano is 1 of the race tracks and if memory serves me, Misano isn't in RIDE? (please correct me in my memory fails me).

    Still no price, but if it looks as though it's just the RIDE engine and tracks with some new bikes. At the moment, I can't see why it hasn't just been released as a DLC for RIDE? But i will reserve judgement of that until after I've played it.

    I also find it very peculiar that they would release is just 7 days before MotoGP VR, surely they will be dipping into the same people pockets with both games? I would think it's going to affect the sales of at least 1 of them...
  2. Milestone have told me on youtube (just look at Ducati 90th anniversary youtube channel, it's one of the 3 videos)
    that this is just a RIDE spinoff.

    I read some days ago the track list and it's just RIDE + Misano (which they already have for MotoGP, basically they added nothing "new")
    In my opinion this game is just RIDE with a lot of bikes removed and some new ones (Ducati) added. Not to mention there will be Ducati GP15 and GP7 that they have already created for VR The Game...
    Basically is a mixture of something they have already done
  3. Charlie Rosco

    Charlie Rosco

    Yeah I thought that was going to be the case. It does beg the question as to why they wouldn't just release it as a DLC for Ride? given there will be some Ducati's from the original Ride, so really they are selling us 1 track and a bike pack. Definitely sounds like a $15-$20 DLC to me.

    We now only have 4 days to go until launch, and the steam page STILL doesn't have a price on it. I would like to think that this game will only be $15.00 - $19.95 if you own Ride, but I can't help but think that the fact they haven't put a price up yet, perhaps they are trying to avoid bad publicity before the game launches. If I have to pay full game price for this, I won't be buying it.