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DTM World Cup S1

Discussion in 'Forza Motorsport 4' started by Tom Moreno, Mar 12, 2012.

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    Welcome to the DTM World Cup, this is for licenced members only and will follow the official RD rules.

    Cars: DTM German Touring Cars (A4 DTM, C-Class DTM, ABT TT-R, Astra V8)
    TCS (Traction control system): Banned
    ABS (Anti-lock braking): Banned
    STM (Stability Management): Banned
    Racing/brake line: Allowed
    Gearbox: Auto, Manual, Manual with Clutch: Allowed

    Upgrades: All Cars up to R2 875
    Setup: Allowed

    Drivers: 16 Max allowed

    • Race meetings will consist of a qualifying session and feature race that consists of a number of laps aimed to be approximately 55 minutes in length with four longer endurance races of an 85 minute length mixed in.
    • Races will be awarded points as per BTCC system with winner scoring 20 points. Clarification below.
    • On normal feature races each player will be required to make at least one pit-stop with two pit-stops required for endurance races.
    • Pole-sitter scores an extra point.
    • Lobby will open at 8.15pm (UK Time) to allow for any connection issues.
    • Qualifying begins promptly at 8.30 (UK) - anyone not joining in time will be able to start from the back of the grid.
    • Qualifying is a 5 lap race with 10 second gap between starts, winner is best certified time.
    • Damage will be off for this series as Forza has incorrectly modelled the penalty on aero for these cars, however extra attention will be paid to people who treat their and other peoples' cars as anything but the beautiful and fragile machines that they are.
    • There will be a Teams' Championship in addition to the Drivers' Championship. There is also a prize fund for each championship with a minimum of 10 million XP in each kitty. Prizes for Teams' Championship are shared equally between both teammates.
    • Events are bi-weekly on Monday nights.
    • There will be a stewards' room and this will be manned by the 1st, 8th, and last placed points scorers based on the previous round's standings. If any of these people are one of the drivers under investigation the next position down (or ahead in the case of the last placed person) will assume stewardship for the incident in question. Incidents will be investigated upon referral to the Stewards Room thread. If your defence in a situation is that you did not see a car in your blind spot it is imperative that you save the replay so the stewards can examine your in-car view.
    • There is a success ballast in this series where the top 4 drivers in the overall championship table will run with -5% grip for both races and qualifying.
    • For the Driver's championship standings there will be two drop rounds where your two worst results from the season will be removed. This can serve to alleviate having to miss rounds due to other commitments or to forgive you for bad results in a long season.

    1st 20
    2nd 17
    3rd 15
    4th 13
    5th 11
    6th 10
    7th 9
    8th 8
    9th 7
    10th 6
    11th 5
    12th 4
    13th 3
    14th 2
    15th 1

    Pole 1

    Race Calendar

    Round 1
    Date: 23 April
    Track: Twin Ring Motegi Full (2.98mi)
    Laps: 29
    Time: 8.30pm (UK Time)

    Round 2
    Date: 7 May
    Track: Sunset Peninsula Full (2.78mi)
    Time: 8.30pm (UK Time)

    Round 3
    Date: 21 May
    Track: Circuit de Catalunya GP Circuit (2.89mi)
    Laps: 31
    Time: 8.30pm (UK Time)

    Round 4
    Date: 4 June
    Track: Le Mans Circuit de la Sarthe Full (8.48mi) Endurance
    Laps: 22
    Time: 8.30pm (UK Time)

    Round 5
    Date: 25 June
    Track: Silverstone Grand Prix (3.19mi)
    Laps: 31
    Time: 8.30pm (UK Time)

    Round 6
    Date: 2 July
    Track: Nürburgring Nordschleife Full (12.90mi) Endurance
    Time: 8.30pm (UK Time)

    Round 7
    Date: 16 July
    Track: Laguna Seca Full (2.24mi)
    Time: 8.30pm (UK Time)

    Round 8
    Date: 30 July
    Track: Indianapolis Grand Prix (2.60mi)
    Time: 8.30pm (UK Time)

    Round 9
    Date: 13 August
    Track: Sebring International Full (2.78mi) Endurance
    Time: 8.30pm (UK Time)

    Round 10
    Date: 27 August
    Track: Mugello Autodromo Full (3.26mi)
    Time: 8.30pm (UK Time)

    Round 11
    Date: 17 September
    Track: Nürburgring Grand Prix Full (3.22mi)
    Time: 8.30pm (UK Time)

    Round 12
    Date: 1 October
    Track: Road America Full (4.05mi)
    Time: 8.30pm (UK Time)

    Round 13
    Date: 15 October
    Track: Infineon Raceway Long (2.52mi)
    Time: 8.30pm (UK Time)

    Round 14
    Date: 29 October
    Track: Road Atlanta Full (2.54mi)
    Time: 8.30pm (UK Time)

    Round 15
    Date: 12 November
    Track: Suzuka Full (3.61mi) Endurance
    Laps: 44 Laps, 2x pitstop minimum
    Time: 8.30pm (UK Time)

    Round 16
    Date: 26 November
    Track: Hockenheimring Full (2.84mi)
    Time: 8.30pm (UK Time)

    How do I signup?
    Please use the following template
    Name on RD:
    Car you will be driving:

    Player Car Numbers
    Drivers who competed in the DTM North America Cup event will wear the numbers they earned from their finishing position in that series. New entrants will be assigned numbers from 15 onwards on a first-come, first-served basis.

    Reserved Numbers

    1 - Karl Raper - Raper Racing
    2 - Chris Bell - Campana Racing Team
    3 - Steve Freeman - Machine Freaks
    4 - Dan Smith - Team 1
    5 - Mike Raper - AMR Racing
    6 - Mark Turner - BM Motorsport
    7 - Tom Moreno - Campana Racing Team
    8 - Alexander Macdonald - AMR Racing
    9 - Paulo Ribeiro - Rubber Racing
    10 - Bradley Capps-Jenner - BM Motorsport
    11 - Andrew Skinner - Raper Racing
    12 - Wayne Thomas - Machine Freaks
    13 - Adrian Gibson - Rubber Racing
    14 - Ryan Sylvester - Team 3
    15 - Joe Lund - Team 1

    Signed Up -

    1 - Karl Raper - Raper Racing
    2 - Chris Bell - Campana Racing Team
    3 - Steve Freeman - Machine Freaks
    4 - Dan Smith - Team 1
    5 - Mike Raper - AMR Racing
    6 - Mark Turner - BM Motorsport
    7 - Tom Moreno - Campana Racing Team
    8 - Alexander Macdonald - AMR Racing
    10 - Bradley Capps-Jenner
    11 - Andrew Skinner - Raper Racing
    12 - Wayne Thomas - Machine Freaks
    13 - Alex Townsend - ZeroRisk
    16 - Tony Holder - Maxlength72

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  2. Have your say!
  3. Oooo! 875....More POWER!!!....Yes pls!
    Steve Freeman / FREAKSTER69
    Car...TBC...might try the Audi
  4. Come on Wayne!!! Sign up mate!!....Got to keep the MachineFreaks alive!!
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  5. what nights do these races usually take place? maybe interested but could do with knowing that before committing!
  6. DTM is always on Monday Nights. It is moving to a biweekly calendar same as Civic World Series, but on opposite weeks.
  7. Oh, well stick me down then!

    Name on RD: Ryan Sylvester
    Gamertag: ry8114
    Car you will be driving: A4


  8. Meee please, we keepin teams???
  9. Paulo Ribeiro

    Paulo Ribeiro
    Animals and Racing Lover

    I'm affraid I will not participate on Asian Cup.
    Have fun guys.
  10. I'm in hope making pi 875 brIngs more peps in. Bet dan's goin to b happy ;)
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  11. 875????? Errrrrr
  12. I'm in please Tom :) Karlos why do you think stock was keeping people away ?
  13. Who's the one person who wants to dump their team mate it was not me Brad :)
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  14. I think i know lol
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  15. No but now anyone has got the same.... Here or there abouts
  16. No thanks Tom, but it's been fun racing with you guys, best of luck!!
  17. 875 means unrestricted engines and Widened tyres. The cars are more unsettled with more engine alone but the widened tyres make up for it in terms of balance.

    Also now we should be able to challenge for top LB spots in R2 durring practice!
  18. Jus suprised at that!!
  19. I just wish there were more Asian tracks. PI875 DTMs around Tsukuba is going to be interesting to say the least, I couldn't bring myself to include the short circuit and we're doing one of the suzuka's twice. If we got 16 drivers I don't think all the cars would fit on the short track!!!
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  20. Im In Car TBC.... Gonna Try the Merc but may stick with the audi