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DTM North America Cup S1

Discussion in 'Forza Motorsport 4' started by Tom Moreno, Dec 29, 2011.

  1. With the success of the Classic Touring Cars Cup quite a few of us are looking forward to the next touring cars championship- and I'm aiming not to disappoint! We've all agreed that for the next season we are going to be graduating from our beloved Classic Touring Cars to DTM cars for the series spec as they are brilliant and fast cars to drive, not to mention that they give us great opportunities for equalisation and good close racing. With all this in mind, I present to you the DTM North America Cup!

    Details are still being hammered out for the series and we are having a test event on Monday the 2nd of Jan which you can join at DTM Test Event @ Hockenheimring GP - Monday 2nd January. There are some things we need to start working on to get ourselves sorted to start though.


    First thing is it was put forward that the next series should be a team series with team liveries. I like this idea as it makes it feel like a proper race series, but I'm crap at liveries! Soooooo... Is there anyone out there who fancies making some team liveries for the series? I reckon there will probably be 1 team each (at most) for the Audi TT-R and the Opel, and the rest of the grid will probably be Mercs and A4's, so we'll need three liveries each for those assuming we have a full grid.

    Do we want to have our personal numbers on the cars or do we want to go F1 style with numbers based on our previous season's standing? Last point on teams is I am inclined to split the grid in to two groups with the top half in an A pot and the bottom half in a B pot and teams would have to be comprised of one driver from each pot, this way we don't end up with a McLaren Prost/Senna situation. What are everyone's thoughts on the above and whether teams should be assigned or people should be able to pick?


    Regarding races... (oh yeah, that part's important too isn't it?) I like the idea of running longer proper races with a qualifying session and then a high lap-count event, with a couple of 2x sprint events sprinkled in for good measure. My thoughts are to run a different points system on the two types of events so that the two sprint races roughly equal the total points of a proper length race. I'm hoping to make the longer races long enough to require people to have to make a pitstop without putting mandatory stops in the rules (having to use strategy is fun). Do people know how long that needs to be? Would we be in that range if we are racing 30 laps or do we need more?

    Equalisation / Ballast

    In the test event we are going to test a group ballast system for use in the upcoming series. The ballast system we are testing is going to be based on overall ability as opposed to race results. We are testing the use of the engine restrictor part in the upgrade shop that is available in 3 different levels of performance at equal levels for each of the cars available on the grid. The grid will be split in to 3 groups, A being fastest and B and C being slower. A group will be using the stock car with a max PI of 834 (depending on model), B group will use the stage 1 restrictor part on their cars with a max PI of 853, and C group will use a stage 2 restrictor with a (model dependant) max PI of 873. Under testing the different stage restrictors should produce a difference of .5 to 1 sec difference in lap time, and we're hoping to this system doesn't necessarily handicap the good drivers but brings the racing closer together.

    I know this all might be a lot to digest but it will all work out- trust me! Let's have a show of the interest in the upcoming DTMNAC and people's thoughts on the above ideas. Any other suggestions for the series are welcome as well.
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  2. Everything sounds really good! Loving all the ideas you've put forward and I reckon this will be one damn good series.
  3. oo oo oo im in!!!
  4. Mr Chip

    Mr Chip
    A lot of gear, little idea....... Premium

    Love the ideas Tom and looking forward to both the test and the series.

    My only (very slight) concearn, is that if you rule out privateers, then assuming someone would even want me as a team-mate, I am very restricted to time on Xbox for any testing etc..........
  5. I don't think you need to be worried mate. This is part of the reason I think it would be best to pair up people from the two ends of the grid as teammates, and maybe even assign teams rather than let people pick. The faster guys (usually) are more setup savvy than those running towards the back so can help by passing setup knowledge on (or back and forth). The other idea is that it makes the fight for the race win points at the front just as important as the midfield battles for the Team Championship.
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  6. I'll partner anyone (even you Adrian ;-)).

    Don't mind which car I drive either as I just try to "be the best I can be! (in pot B!!!)"

    I don't mind knocking up liveries if I have time. Can liveries be shared for more than one person to work on/tweak?

    Why not set teams after testing event?
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  7. You can only really share a base for your livery unless you personally do all the decals to go with it!! Not sure which pot id be in as my setup work is poor at best!!!!
  8. The liveries must be made from scratch or from components that you own (and are unlocked) in order to be passed on from person to person. I reckon you'd be in the upper pot mate based on your lap times.
  9. Great work Tom, sounds Great! you can count me in mate.
  10. Mr Chip

    Mr Chip
    A lot of gear, little idea....... Premium

  11. Can u put me down for this Tom :)
  12. Can you sign me up for this please Mike Raper / M1LKY8AR K1D, cheers
  13. Very Very good
  14. Paulo Ribeiro

    Paulo Ribeiro
    Animals and Racing Lover

    He is very good indeed and it seems he has a lot of spare time in his life aswell.
    But can I make my own liveries please? I mean, I wish to chose the colours, the sponsors and the design myself.
  15. Well I put some laps in after the Nascar event tonight. Average good time is a 1:41.0 and I managed a freak 1:40.5 out of nowhere as well.

    Paulo- If you are looking to run the TT-R then you might as well have a go at the livery for that car's team. I think you are the main person who wants to run this car so I'd say fair enough. Just be sure that it's made of unlocked components so it can be shared with your (prospective) teammate. I'd suggest leaving the number box empty for the moment so that when we decide what these will be they can be put in easily.
  16. I have emailed Lord Snowden about trying to get some of the liveries. I asked if we could possibly get some unlocked ones from him so that we could apply our own numbering system.
  17. If he's up for it, maybe we could credit him in the race vids?
  18. Totally
  19. Mr Chip

    Mr Chip
    A lot of gear, little idea....... Premium

    Yep, I messaged him also and said we wanted numbers changed and that we would credit him here and on fm forums. He is up for it but may take a week or ao to get organised. Probably best for those that want paints from him to ask individually with their choice of number.