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DTM mod problem

Discussion in 'RACE 07 Mods' started by Rui Duarte, Nov 8, 2009.

  1. Maybe I didn't search it quite extensively, but I haven't found anyone with fvr dtm mod issues.

    I've tried it in Race On, and I can drive (qually and time attack) audis and mercedes, but the game crashes with any of the other cars.

    Help appreciated.
  2. Online (Steam) install or Offline?

    Do you have GTR Evolution?
  3. PS. I made the Mod :dance2:
  4. I've got STCC and Race On. Offline.

    But no Evo. However, mods like the porsche supercup, which can be found in the evo department, for example, work.

    I don't really understand how to work around these issues... but if the audis and mercedes are fine, the others should be too I guess.

    PS.: I absolutely love the Audis and the Mercedes.
  5. there in lies the problem, the Alfa, BMW, Chev and Seat require GTR Evo as I used the WTCC Extreme 3D models. But, it is not ok for me to redistribute the files that came with GTR Evo.
  6. Oh. Ok. Sure, it's for the best.

    Thank you still.
  7. you could just delete the folders within the dtm folder for those cars so you don't get them listed etc ingame...
  8. gunthar any news about DTM 2009 MOD comign up?
    I really like the 2007 dtm mod when i start playing EVO
  9. I'm waiting on the new cockpits...
  10. found a bug or two as we use the DTM cars lately in the club again i found out that:
    - A. the front lights arer not noticeable in the mirror and in the replays
    - B. the brakinglights are not realy to see even if you are realy close up the tail of someone (both Audi &Merc '07, '08)
    - C. in replays if the virtual mirror is on you can see the tyers, rear wing, and rear lights