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Featured DTM Experience 2014 Released

Discussion in 'RaceRoom Racing Experience' started by Ryan Ogurek, Nov 19, 2014.

  1. Ryan Ogurek

    Ryan Ogurek

    DTM Experience 2014 Launch Trailer
    by Sector 3 Studios

    The latest DTM Experience has been released, adding the 2014 cars, tracks, and regulations. This comes as part of a massive update to RaceRoom Racing Experience which also means the content from DTM Experience 2013 can now be used with content from RaceRoom Racing Experience.

    Now we can open up the DRS and go all the way around the Nurburgring GP, rather than just the sprint layout, or any of your favourite tracks for that matter. Be sure to check out this update, along with all its other features for DTM Experience 2014 and RaceRoom Racing Experience.

    Here's the full R3E changelog as stated by S3S

    "What’s New (Summary)

    - DTM Experience 2014.

    - Added new packs, DTM 2013, DTM 2014, European Track pack.

    - Moscow Raceway, Brands Hatch and Norisring now available in RRE.

    - Pit Stops (DTM 2014 Single Player only for now, it will be added to MP and other experiences later)

    - We changed the way we handle Experiences. E.g. DTM 2013 owners get all DTM 2013 content unlocked in RRE. (Some licence restriction may apply e.g. DTM 2014 cars will not be available in RRE right away)

    - Added Store cart system. You can now buy the exact amount of required vRP’s instead of buying vRP packs.

    - Portimao is now free for everyone.

    - Added new liveries to Saleen. All Saleen liveries are now free.

    - All tracks updated to latest standards with new shaders and RoadFeel


    - Added different tyre visuals. Two sets of tyres. Dtm 2014 only.

    - Fixed an issue where you would get duplicate liveries in Single Player.

    - Fixed an issue where the game was using wrong driving model when launching LBC/Competition through portal before entering an experience (main green orb).

    - Changed so that we can now have different race length types (laps and minutes) depending on an experience.

    - Fixed an issue where the game was not pausing when alt tabbing.

    - Updated localization.

    - Fixed so the cut track overlay is a warning instead of a penalty.

    - Fixed so the invalid lap overlay is a warning instead of a penalty.

    - Implemented support for different moods per track layout instead of global moods.

    - Updated localization.

    - Added new HUD element for car status.

    - Fixed an issue where special characters weren’t displayed correctly in the game.

    - We now allow up to 32 contact shadows in settings instead of 8.

    - Fixed an issue where the engine vibration setting wouldn’t save.

    - Fixed Return Multiplier defaulting to 0.1 and not saving if you changed it to 0.

    - Fixed: RedBull Ring audio during camera Fly By cutting off

    - Fixed: Game crashing if you start a single race after failing to join MP session

    - Fixed: Crash in AI adaptation when leaving event if no player was present.

    - Fixed: Not being able to load DTM Championships.

    - Fixed an issue with FFB lost at race start.

    - Fixed starting lights overlapping with the results if you retire before the race starts

    - Fixed an issue where the default camera is becomes cockpit cam when you play a session that starts in garage.

    - Fixed issue where Escape wasn’t working if AI had crossed the finish line first and player had to cross the line too to finish the race.

    - Fixed a gamepad rumble issue when you quit a race or get DQd

    - Fixed so the hood is replaced when repairing aerodynamics.

    - Updated default controlsets. Added DRS and pit menu bindings to all profiles and removed unused lines.

    - Fixed an issue with Data Display showing lap 1 as lap 0.

    - Increased max FFB vertical value to 400%

    - Fixed data display split times.

    - Removed countdown from data display and position bar.

    - Fixed so that the free cam uses player volume multiplier.

    - Enabled cut track rules setting in all experiences.


    - Monza - Fixed various art issues.

    - Brands_hatch – Various art fixes and higher resolution garage interiors.

    - Hockenheim – Various art fixes.

    - Hungaroring - Various art fixes.

    - Norisring – Various art fixes

    - Nurburgring - Various art fixes.

    - Lausitzring – Various art fixes

    - Redbull Ring - Various art fixes.

    - Zandvoort - Various art fixes.

    - Laguna Seca – Various art fixes.

    - Changed global fog settings.

    - Tweaked global lighting settings.

    - Improved road shader.

    - Updated WTCC 2013 cars with various fixes.

    - Updated RaceRoom Hillclimb with new road shader, optimizations for performance and ffb

    - Updated Lakeview Hillclimb with new road shader, optimizations for performance and ffb

    - Updated Indianapolis with new road shader, optimizations for performance and ffb

    - Updated Laguna Seca with new road shader, optimizations for performance and ffb

    - Updated Bathurst with new road shader, optimizations for performance and ffb

    - Updated Zolder with new road shader, optimizations for performance and ffb

    - Updated Portimao with new road shader, optimizations for performance and ffb.

    - Updated Moscow Raceway with new road shader, optimizations for performance and ffb

    Audio & AI & Physics & Camera

    - Fixed an issue where player would get unfair stop and go penalty on the last turn of Raceroom Raceway.

    - Updated Audi Quattro GTO physics for less understeer and improved AI for certain types of turns.

    - Fixed an issue with Radical SR9 Turbo logic to fix rolling start issues.

    - Increased force feedback multiplier on all cars.

    - Made AI not try to overtake cars in pit entry lane, unless really slow.

    - Norisring: Added more DRS activation points for AI.

    - Zandvoort: Added more DRS activation points for AI.

    - Hockenheim: Added more DRS activation points for AI.

    - Hungaroring: Added more DRS activation points for AI.

    - Moscow: Added DRS activation points for AI, improved Get Real AI behaviour.


    - Added shopping cart system. You no longer need to buy VRP packages and can purchase the exact needed VRP.

    - Changed the way we treat Experiences aka Experience 2.0. We no longer treat experiences as separate addons. An experience is now similar to a content that can be part of a pack.

    - Newsfeed improvements. Added more feeds to the newsfeed in player profile such as, news from subscribed fan page, competitions, discounts in store, friend activities.

    - Changed to new stats system. All stats prior to September 2014 have been wiped (sorry L).

    - Fixed an issue with store text not appearing complete in browsers."

    I will be giving DTM 2014 a test soon and sharing my thoughts, let us know what you think!

    Get involved in our RaceRoom community by checking out our dedicated R3E forum and DTM Experience forum, or by posting awesome videos and photos in our R3E gallery or DTM Experience gallery!
    Last edited: Nov 19, 2014
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  2. I got the season pass for it from last year yet nothing has updated?
  3. Sonat Ozturk

    Sonat Ozturk
    Sector3 Studios

    If you log in your should have DTM 2014 unlocked for free. There is no separate update apart from the big patch which you automatically get via Steam.
  4. So I basically downloaded 5GB of stuff I can't use?
  5. Connor Caple

    Connor Caple
    Slowest Racer in Town...

    Nope - the updated tracks were included which work in R3E and DTM. :rolleyes:
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  6. Ah, that's neat :D
  7. What are the costs involved for R3E? I have a very slow internet connection, and 8GB is a huge download just to check out the in-game prices. Can anyone fill me in?

    I see that DTM is €25, but are there more things to buy within the game? What would it cost to purchase all the content?

    I'm a sucker for having to have all the cars and tracks, even if I don't want them :mad:
    Last edited: Nov 20, 2014
  8. Peter

    who cares Premium

  9. Peter

    who cares Premium

    Log in and go to the store.
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  10. Jay Ekkel

    Jay Ekkel
    Kylotonn Games

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  11. Thanks! I thought the store was in-game only.

  12. Reaper


    I appear to have had a small accident and now own DTM 2014 and the WTCC pack. Anyone got the M1 Procar pack and know if it's worth it?
  13. Andi Goodwin

    Andi Goodwin

    procar is great fun , basically its one car and loads of liveries .;;;l its still one of my favourite cars

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  14. William Wester

    William Wester

    Store is accessible but how would one know how vRP relates to real currency without an account?
    Note, I am a member so my question is out of curiosity and based on this thread - not everyone wants to create an account to estimate the cost to play.
  15. Nox

    Staff Premium


    Edit: Sorry re-read your post and realised you already are a member, but hopefully this helps others. No idea why they use vRP except to hide the real costs, or make people spend more money (as they have to purchase a minimum 500 points even if they only want to spend 299, for example).
  16. Connor Caple

    Connor Caple
    Slowest Racer in Town...

    Also, you get discounts off other packs you buy if the content is duplicated.

    For example, I own ADAC and WTCC and EU Tracks packs, so the store (logged in) shows I will get 83% discount on DTM2014, if I was to buy it.
  17. Andi Goodwin

    Andi Goodwin

    you can now buy exactly what you need cost wise (still steam has an minimum you can put in wallet) but prices ingame can now be paid in vrps/most currencies

  18. Great! Can we save between sessions, now? I made the mistake of buying DTM2013 taking that feature for granted (you know, 21st century... we have even landed on a comet...). I just don't want to make the same mistake with DTM2014. Thanks!
  19. Kurt Vanhee

    Kurt Vanhee

    @Sonat Ozturk @others aswell:cool:

    Got a couple of questions.

    Will it be possible to choose from different setups in the future, and save your own different setups?

    In the garage, car setup some settings, like roll bar, suspensions etc are limited.

    Also with my triple screen setup, only the Bmw has the mirrors in my left and right screen, which is very good. Mercerdes and audi mirrors are cut in 2. Mirrors start on the side of the center screen going to left and right screen with bezel of the monitors in the way. Is there a way to correct that?

    Default settings for steering, fbb are good for me [T500 wheel]:thumbsup: