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DTM Experience 2014 or ADAC GT

Discussion in 'RaceRoom Racing Experience' started by NeoVirusOfficial, Mar 16, 2015.

  1. Hello guys,

    Well I haven't play racing games for quit a long time, and my iRacing sub got expired.
    So I just downloaded R3E, I had to create a new account, 'cause I don't know what happened, looks like mine got deleted, but anyway I had nothing except a GT3 BMW + 150 VRP but not a problem.

    The problem now, is I don't know if I should buy the DTM Experience 2014 DLC or ADAC, I like'em both, but the thing is I noticed that there are not many people on the servers in "Multiplayer Alpha", is that the same list as the DTME2k14 or DTME has a different Multiplayer list? (Is it full sometimes? I mean with serious racers who doesn't quit after 1 lap or 2 and then there is only 4 people left in server or people who try to wreck you if you pass'em...)

    I wonder if I should buy one of the DLC in R3E or just stick with iRacing and AC.

  2. Can you lock races so just your league friends can race with this game ?
  3. Bez

    All the gear, no idea...

    Dedicated servers are due soon according to the developers, as soon as they release this I'm sure RD will be running some clubs and leagues.
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  4. The real question (as you mentioned AC) is: "Should I buy ADAC 2014 or Dream Pack DLC"?
    I bought some time ago DTM 2014, and I think I made it just for that: for buying it. Just made a race against AI with DTM 2014 and no more.
    In r3e people race mostly "no-experience" cars like DTM 1992, WTCC 2013... etc.
    But I think ADAC 2014 is the best single player content so far.

    I own ADAC 2014 too and it cost me 15€.

    Honestly (I know this isn't the thread to say it, but you requested if stick with AC), I would rather buy Dream Pack DLC for the same price, and for a solid reason: you get Nissan GT3 car and now you can race against the AI with 3 or 4 more different GT3 cars.

    That's my honest opinion.
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  5. Great news.
  6. I agree with you about AC Dream Pack, but I'll wait to see if there will be another DLC more interesting.

    Well, that's problem when three games are great!

    I didn't know much about DTM, I was more into GT3, but when I tried RaceRoom, I just love this series.
    If there was a DTM Pack in Assetto Corsa, I'll stick with it 100%.

    In RaceRoom I like the DTM "experience", and the competitions, it's really great.
    In Assetto Corsa, I really like the fact that you can create your own content, and use mods, etc. for free, and the gameplay.

    In iRacing I love that "licence" point system, it forces people to race properly, (yes there is some races where you find r*tards, ...) and the realism.

    -_- And there is pCARS coming, 4 games...

    I really need to start working.
  7. I understand your point but let's get things sorted right here, not for me, but for your enjoy:

    The DLC from AC it's just great. And when I say great I mean it. 10 cars and Nordschleife x3 layouts only 15€, that's a better offer than Raceroom's. Anyways ADAC 2014 is the BEST experience pack so far. Better AI, better rules, more solid product. And... if you didn't know it, there's a DTM pack for AC by URD. You can buy it, or... you know (it actually exists out there, if you know what i mean, it's your decision).
    It's been said several times that Raceroom will apply some license point system when the dedicated servers are well implemented arround the world, but AC will just make the same move because pure competence.

    And please, srsly. Forget about pCARS. It's like a way bad version of RRE. Makes me remember Grid Autosport... brrr......
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  8. Kurupt CDN

    Kurupt CDN
    Touring car fanatic Premium Member

    I would have to disagree with your comment about pcars being like grid auto sport but that's just my opinion.
    I test for both pcars and RRE and with my current settings I find them to be very similar in many ways and is why I enjoy these 2 titles the most!
    Content wise and official series, rre wins hands down compared to any other title and the list will continue to grow.
    As for the op, the ac dream pack is nice but if your a gt3 fan like you mentioned than rre adac gt 14 is kinda no brainer, epically if you don't follow dtm.
    6 cars, 17 liveries, 8 tracks a season championship and one of the best Ai in sim racing once the dedicated servers and custom championships come it will only get better :)
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  9. I know it's not "like Grid Autosport" it's just my... call it taste. I hope you didn't get ofended or anything but, for me, in the line of:


    Where 0% is arcade and 100% is sim, IMO:
    Grid Autosport is at 10%
    pCARS is at 30%
    RRE is at 50%
    Assetto Corsa is at 70-75%
    (Completely forgot to add) GSCE is at 80%
    ... and let's say EuroTruck Sim 2 is at 90%

    As of this, for short: pCARS could be a kind of step from RRE onwards to the "arcade" direction. This can or can't be true is only my opinion, no more than that and I might be right or wrong as hell.

    Going back to the OP topic: I would ask "ADAC 2014/AC+DLC" because, in fact, ADAC 2014 itself is better that RRE general content.
    Last edited: Mar 18, 2015
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  10. Kurupt CDN

    Kurupt CDN
    Touring car fanatic Premium Member

    Not offended, there all video games to me and all have there strengths and weaknesses :)
    It's the overall package I look for, but most importantly is the enjoyment I get from racing with the community.
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  11. Well, then the election is simple and expensive. iRacing. But we all know what happens with that. You race it, you quit, you come back, and then you quit... to turn back again.
    GSCE and AC are, currently, my more "stable" racing sims.
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  12. What is GSCE please ? thx
  13. Bez

    All the gear, no idea...

    (Game) stock car extreme, one of the best sims out there and contains my all time fave car, the formula vee, a little slice of sim perfection.
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  14. Ah, cheers, yes i have seen that game mentioned alot before on sim racing sites, i will look into it, thx
  15. You hopefully won't regret it.
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  16. Compared to R3E, I agree with you that the Dream Pack worth it!

    Yes I saw that URD pack, but the problem is actually since they updated the game, I can't run any mod...

    pCARS and RRE, are quit the same, just the physics change.

    That's it! That's the 4th time I came back (today)

    The only reason I play iRacing, it's for the multiplayer experience. Even if sometimes (let's say most of the time) you get angry and pissed off, it's still the best multiplayer experience when you're not in a league in AC / rFactor

    I guess I won't buy R3E DTM, or ADAC. The competitions are enough for me, lol. Maybe I'll get AC DLC.

    Thank you for the advices!
  17. I'd say go for the ADAC GT3 2014. More cars and GT3 > DTM in terms of fun.