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Career DTM 2014 1.0

Championship DTM 2014

  1. hulg063 submitted a new resource:

    DTM 2014 - Championship DTM 2014

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  2. Can you give me link of the blackberry mercedes skin please ? :)
  3. sorry but I am doing a new update because I made a mistake in an order and you can not enter the second race ...
  4. i wonder why ML still don't want to release this skin yet :p
  5. salut je viens d installer le mod mais j ai une erreur au lancement
    urd_t5_maures:error cannot find lods.ini for car urd_t5_maures
    qui a la solution merci
  6. Hello, or skins have to be, because when I play quite cars are white...
    Thank you
  7. je vois pas trop d'ou sa peut venir.. t'as essayé de le retelecharger?
  8. Where to download the car? Is it included?
  9. not the car is not included in the file because it comes from black gram mod. by searching the internet you should double fill find a free version compatible
  10. oui hulg63 j ai télécharger deux fois et toujours la même erreur dommage ton mod a l air génial
    merci quand même pour ta réponse
    et meilleur voeux
  11. thanks
  12. hello everybody,

    unfortunatly the link to the skins isnt working.
    anybody can upload a mirror?

    thanks in advance.

  13. [​IMG] keep on getting this message when i go to load any of the cars on track any help. (love the track detail btw)

    Attached Files:

  14. i got the same error as Adam Murray.
  15. Any idea on how to fix this error....same error for me.
  16. hulg063 updated DTM 2014 with a new update entry:

    Big update

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