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Dry Line looks blocky

Discussion in 'F1 2011 - The Game' started by David Aitken, Sep 23, 2011.

  1. As the title suggests, as wet races are drying out and the dry line appears the texture seems very blocky, anyone else seeing this? Everything else in the game looks great at Max its just the road texture on dry line, like an old 90s blocky texture :

    Hope theres a solution. Thanks in advance.
  2. Im glad that i saw this! I thought i was the only one who was having this issue. Sadly, i too see the drying line as being blocky around the edges... i wonder if theres a cfg line we can change to fix it ??

  3. Wow, that looks ugly. Another bug...
  4. Looks bloody awesome. hehe.
  5. Same issue here. Its really ugly. Im running dx11 and all settings to max.
  6. Ugly dry line.

    Has anyone experienced the pixelated dry line? It looks like the dry line is made of blocks of dry tarmac. Is this a graphic setting or is this normal?
  7. screenshot ?
  8. same problem here!
  9. yep, i have the same problem too, very ugly indeed
  10. i take it your all playing on pc as on the ps3 the drying line looks fine to me
  11. Indeed, The ps3 version is nothing wrong with neither is the XBOX360's so it must be the PC's my advice, Get the latest ultra gaming pc's!! With all the stuff you need to get realistic images on your screen! ( Monitor with full HD is required too )
  12. Running everything on Ultra, 1920x1080 Full HD monitor, and yes, I have the same ugly dry line. Even got Anti-Aliasing buffed to the max.
  13. Same here. Everything on ultra still ugly dry line. I've got a nVidia GPU directx11. Is somebody who doesn't have this problem on PC version? Maybe its related too thee gpu. Otherwise this is another one for the patch list.
  14. Weird, On ps3 no probs at all dry line looks like a dry line.
  15. Mee too! Dx11, all maxed out on Nvidia gtx470 SLI...
  16. here to, in DX9 and DX11 to...gtx460
  17. I think its possible to change that on your hardware_settings.xml file...maybe. Not surprised its PC having this issue, since console settings are locked.
  18. I have this issue. I thought it was due to me not running the latest ATI drivers. Im on 11.5 and the game runs fine otherwise.
  19. So far Ive tried everything to fix it, config file etc, drivers and what not, nothing seems to be taking away the block textures. This is reminding me of the pixellated raindrops problem last year, hopefully a patch will fix the dry line.