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PC DRS zone ??

Discussion in 'Assetto Corsa' started by LazyBug, Dec 17, 2015.

  1. I know how & where those DRS work in Formula One but how do i know if the track in AC has DRS zone or which car can use it ??
    Any signal for that matter to tell me i am in DRS zone like in Imola ??

  2. If you turn on the electronics app it will show an icon for DRS; when the icon is green you are in a zone where it is allowed to use drs.
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  3. Please can you post a screenshot ?
    How to turn on the electronics app ?
    Where it is the green icon ? Dashboard ?
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  4. drs.jpg
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  5. I guess the Electronics button on right side is just a show on/off the usage of electronics, it doesn't turn the electronics on/off, that might be configured using the game setup.
    My DRS icon is green all the time, not only when in DRS zone.
    My other 3 icons is about traction control, stability and ABS help, sometimes they turn to yellow/orange according with its usage.

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  6. It's green all the time because you are in a street car that doesn't have to conform to DRS rules. (which is new in 1.4)
    Take the Lotus 125 S1 to Monza and you will see the green icon turn grey at the end of the straight.
  7. I assume i have to assign a button to enable the DRS ??
  8. Of course.
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  9. Ok, i thought i can use the Mclaren P1's DRS. If you notice my image you can see a DRS botton at steering wheel and a dashboard blue light DRS indicator.
    I'm trying to figure out how P1's DRS works.
    I drove the Lotus 125 @Monza and that DRS indicator turns to green only when you're on the main straight.
    Thanks by your reply.
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  10. When the indicator is green it is showing that you are in an area where DRS use is allowed. It should be green all the time in the P1.

    DRS is activated by pushing whatever button you have mapped whenever the indicator is green. DRS can be shut of by pushing the button again, or by applying the brakes.

    Hope this helps.
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  11. Yes, you helped.
    So in the P1's DRS is allowed all the time, cause icon is always green, right ?
    I already have assigned the DRS button.