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DRS Confirmed for F1 2011 - Oh god help us!

Discussion in 'F1 2011 - The Game' started by Scott Webber, Apr 18, 2011.

  1. Yes you've heard right, taken straight from T4RG4 himself from Twitter....

    God help us, now we have DRS in the game, no dedicated servers AGAIN.
  2. .....why is having DRS in the game bad?
  3. what about K.E.R.S?
  4. no mention of KERS yet, im always on twitter looking out :)

    why is DRS in the game bad? well it's bad in real life and no doubt it will be bad in the game, it's artificial i absolutly hate it and many hardcore racing fans to aswell, it's not something to be proud of bringing it back.

  5. Actually KERS are in the game
  6. I think this comes as no real big surprise. If you look at F12010, the rule of thumb was that if the cars feature it in the season then the game will also feature it. F-duct was the thing last year so it stands to reason KERS and DRS will be front and center for F12011. The main thing I'll be looking out for is if DRS, like F-duct, will be automatically deployed in the zones or will we have the option to work it manually, the same goes for KERS. I prefer this stuff to be manual.

    As a side note; I also dislike DRS, especially the rules around it. The after two laps is nonsense as the chaos is most ripe within those two first laps. The designated spot, once per lap, is also nonsense as having KERS smartly deployed cancels out DRS more often than not. I'm all for improving the chance to over-take but if you're going to introduce a device to aid in that, then bog it down completely with some many rules, you may as well just toss it out.
  7. Good news in some ways, bad in others - good because it's in real F1, so should be in the game, but bad in that if they don't implement it properly, can you imagine the bugs? Also, I'm running out of buttons on my wheel!!!
  8. How will they know where the DRS straights are if they are released at the weekends of the Grand Prix? It will be fine until the end of the season when the game is released and the DRS Activation zones are not confirmed for the final rounds at Japan, Korea, India and those places.
  9. I also hope the DRS is manually controlled & hopefully you can choose how it is deployed eg. DRS active only while button pressed or toggle on/off.
  10. Great, more buttons to press..
  11. Chris Jenkins

    Chris Jenkins
    Driving til the wheels fall off

    I think its good.
    I don't see it as too many buttons, as we won't be able to adjust the front wing in this game, so its swings & roundabouts really.

    And we'll know where the DRS activation zones are the same way as the drivers do. The DRS sign at the side of the track and the line on the track itself. Plus the engineer will probably tell you when you're in the activation zone.
    Its no harder than knowing where the Pit Limiter line is.
  12. That does it I am only racing online in Racedepartment on 2011, unless you just want to be screwed,
  13. Hopefully that has K.E.R.S too.
  14. think about it the real F1 steering wheels have shed loads of buttons so in a way its kinda making it more realistic if we have to deploy DRS and KERS ourselves although im not sure there will me enough buttons left on the controller, but the adjustable front wing isn't a feature this year so could be there instead :) can't waint ofr the new game though whatever they decide to do its gunna be better than last years :)
  15. I only have 2 buttons on my wheel (G25). I use one of these buttons to look behind me and the other one to notify the team I am coming in for a pit stop. I can easily reassign the pit notification button, but if DRS and KERS are included, I will need to stop looking who is behind me? Because there is no way I am taking my hands off the wheel to press some keyboard key for DRS or KERS. grrrrrrrr

    BTW am I missing something here, but why can't we adjust the brake balance from the cockpit while we are driving on the track. We can adjust the engine map, the front wing angle (I guess this will go away in 2011?), we can ask for different tire types on our next stop, but we can't adjust the brake bias? why?
  16. As DRS is a single tap open then brake to close opperation and KERS is a hold button opperation CM could use a single button to deploy both systems. I am hoping they wont stick any in the quick menu like they did with the front wing. As for DRS zones, the release date is september so most tracks will be correct upon the games release. Its still early in the season and the FIA are still learning about the DRS system and how effective it is. I think they will decide where to put the remainding DRS zones on the last few track well before the end of the season and any revisions can be updated in a small patch.
  17. (On Ps3 and xbox gamepads) they should allow you to customize the pad on the left side for specific functions which you want, and not open a entire menu up.
  18. Chris Jenkins

    Chris Jenkins
    Driving til the wheels fall off

    I don't think having DRS and KERS on the same button would be a good idea.
    What if you want to use DRS but not KERS? (e.g. In practice or qualifying)
    or vice versa?

    Plus DRS isn't a single-tap for every team. Apparently some teams press and hold it.

    Seperate buttons please
  19. Yes, but in China it made the race a lot better. Overtaking makes the races a lot more fun to watch rather than boring races with no overtaking where they all finish where they started. Having it in the game will make it way more fun.

    Hopefully this time the AI drivers will be a competitive without smashing you off the track!:)
  20. A steering wheel [G25] hardware mod to be added to my "must do" list now ... Yahoo!