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DRS Auto-Shutoff (Bug?)

Discussion in 'F1 2012 - The Game' started by sbblakey777, Jan 30, 2013.

  1. I've been practicing at Monza recently in Career mode, and my DRS shuts off after I push the button to activate it. IT can happen instantly of after 10 seconds, but it just randomly cuts off. There's no damage to the car, either. I'm running Lotus F1 and it's practice, so it should be working. I'm not hitting the brake, so I have no clue what could be happening.
  2. could be a faulty button. try assigning it to a different button. had thesame issue with one of my buttons in my g25
  3. It can't be that. It was fine where I had it earlier today.

    I've had it at Button 3 on my MOMO Racing (Black) since I got the game.
  4. which is exactly why you should try a different button.

    just try to re-assigning to a different button. if the bug stops, then you have recently damaged a button.

    if it still happens, then I'm wrong with my suspicion.
  5. Still does it, and I've tried on multiple tracks. It just randomly shuts off with no brake pressure applied, even on the new button.
  6. ok, then I was wrong. :p

    isolate the game controller. try using a keyboard or gamepad. If it stops happening, it's caused by your wheel.

    if so, check your momo racing pedals. check your wheel properties. see if your brake pedal is spiking even when you have your foot off.

    My old momo racing had this problem. the brakes kept spiking between 1% to 5% even with my foot off. The spring was no longer returning in full and the pot was worn.
  7. I had the Same Problem and the reason behind that is
    The Game considers the Break was on which we used for the Last corner and that's why it doesn't allow to Open DRS. It was a Random one and If you apply break Heavily then you can have the DRS ON.
  8. That makes sense. My old brake pedal at one point stopped returning fully to neutral position, and you could even see it in the calibration panel. I had to increase the deadzone in every game, so that they didn't think I was braking all the time.
  9. Yeah I had that when my Brake pedal broke. Check your brake pedal usage and you'll see.. :D
  10. mydriaz


    I had same trouble too. from that moment, I've to clean regularly all pedals. You can find a tuto on Google that will explain how to proceed.
  11. You guys... Are amazing! :thumbsup:
    I cleaned my pots and got rid of some of the excess grease, did the plumber's tape mod, and now my brakes aren't spiking, so the DRS works perfectly again. I was going to do this one day, and that day came. Thanks to all of you. And my accelerator won't lag anymore, either, so that's another plus. :D
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  12. to be sure it wont happen, you can set brake deadzone for example 2%, so little contact want close it..
  13. great! glad it all fixed now. :thumbsup:
  14. I have problems with my g25 too.The drs keeps closing.What thing should i use for cleaning pedals?Alcohol or some kind of spray?I'm scared that i mess something in it and it won't work:(
  15. If you had read the post above you would have found the solution :) Try setting brake dead zone to 1 or 2 %.
  16. I had already in 10% and it turn off the drs.I'm currently cleaning it and found so much dust that i cannot even describe:D
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  17. By the way what should i clean in g25 in order to prevent spiking?
  18. Just fixed it.Tested in Korea where it was auto shut offing.Now perfect with deadzone 0% .Now it's clean and no problem:thumbsup:
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