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Discussion in 'F1 2011 - The Game' started by Lee_95, Jul 25, 2011.

  1. Just how are we going to be able to use them in F1 2011 (if they are in the game)

    Are there enough buttons left for us to use for them
  2. no doubt a silly question, but get a steering wheel with alot of Buttons which is good, a Logitech Driving Force GT is a good start...
  3. Well KERS you there will be a button which you press to use it. And the DRS you just press a button and it will stay open until you brake(I know this because Steve Hood tweeted it.
  4. I use the xbox controller as I don't want to buy a wheel. I don't think there are enought buttons left to press on it for DRS and KERS
  5. That's a silly answer, not all people have £100-£150 tucked under the sofa to blow on a steering wheel
  6. I use the xbox controller for PC as well
    If we can assign the KERS and DRS to the "press" function of the analog triggers, I think I'd be ok with that. KERS on the left one (since you don't have to steer much when it's deployed... kinda) and DRS on the right maybe?
    Either that or I'd remap and get rid of some functions. "Gear Up" and "Gear Down" might be replaced until I decide to start using manual gearing. Who knows?
  7. im thinking R1 for DRS and L1 for KERS. currently i use those for the look back, which i can stand to get rid of.
  8. that could be good for PS3 but I don't have one so how would I know. I think t might be the A/B/X/Y buttons on Xbox as default.

    Obviously only 2 of them so no one mentions 'You only need 2 buttons.' and i call them retards.
  9. And if you cant afford it? anyway there shouldnt be the option to change you front wing, whilst being on track, if they are going by this years rules which they are, so that will free up a couple of buttons!!
  10. True. I'd probably move the pit request to that old wing angle change function
  11. why didn't you say so? im selling my Logitech Driving Force GT for a meer £60 - £70 ... only been used 5-6 months, looks bran new :)
  12. One of the video uploaders said that you can change the button layout to suit you, he had DRS as Y and KERS as B (xbox 360) didnt go into detail though
  13. At least the option is there. We'll all have different preferences
  14. I think DRS will be activated (on gamerpads) on the D-pad, as there will be no front wing changes allowed (at least there shouldn't be) and it will close when brakes are applied. Kers should be a hold to use button, but I'd settle for a push to start and push again to stop system with the L3 or R3 buttons.

    I hope DRS will not be activated automatically during races if you are within the activation zone, hopefully it's all manual or at least with the option to go manual or auto. Same with Kers.
  15. everything is manual. is the AI going to use Kers always on the same corners?is there someone who knows that?
  16. I don't know for sure but they did say AI will be more aggresive in F1 2011 so hoopefully they use it tactically to get past instead of just using it for the sake of using it, on the same straights.
  17. i also hope that. i hope it will be more difficult to overtake
  18. While we are talking about KERS (for a newbie to racing games like me) I would like to know when is the best time to use kers. I know it will be different for every track and situation but i was wondering if there is a general rule of thumb of how to best use the kers function (i know drivers use it on the start of a GP and some use to counter DRS from a driver behind). but other than that trial and error would sound exhausting.
  19. When I'm watching onboard views the drivers usually use it when accelerating out of corners, especially the ones that lead on to straights.