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DRM Revival @ Mid-Ohio - Wednesday June 29th 2011

Discussion in 'rFactor 2 Racing Club & Leagues' started by Adam Eggbeer, Jun 23, 2011.

  1. [​IMG]

    Server name:
    DRM Revival 1.1 (For those who have v1.0 you can patch to v1.1 HERE)
    Track: Mid-Ohio (No Chicane)

    19:00 GMT: Practice
    19:30 GMT: Qualification
    19:40 GMT: Warm-up
    19:45 GMT: Race (1 Hour, Formation Lap + Rolling Start) (Read Note 3 for details)

    Server password:
    click here
    Racing rules:
    click here


    We recommend you read the manual beforehand which gives details about how to set up the game and the cars within the mod. English Manual German Manual

    Do not over-rev the engine, particularly when in 1st gear, as this can easily lead to a blown engine.

    This race will be a manual formation lap with a rolling start. This means that once the light goes green the leader gradually speeds up to around 120 km/h (75mph) and drives in this pace towards the last corner. All other cars follow in one line with the same speed. No brake test, no swaying. If you spin your car you drop back to last position and start from there. When exiting the last corner the leader can go full throttle and the rest of the pack follows. No overtaking before the start/finish line. The formation lap will count as part of the 1 hour race.
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  2. deffo one for the bmw
  3. Ooooh challenging.....
  4. Zak Cappa for me again this time :)
  5. Anders Nilsson

    Anders Nilsson
    Premium Member

    THink il stick to my 320 :)

    edit: Any news on the server ??;)
  6. Chris Butcher

    Chris Butcher
    Red Bull Gridsters 2012 Champion

    I would love to take part - unfortunately Clio league clashes :(

    I love Mid Ohio too :/
  7. Anders Nilsson

    Anders Nilsson
    Premium Member

    Ahh to bad Chris :(
  8. Well this will be my first time racing with you guys, lets see how it goes.
  9. chris can you put up a link to the clio please

    if its rf

    find it vey hard to locate all rf races
  10. thanks adam
  11. Server is up :)

    I won't be racing as I'm in the Clio League Race so Lee will admin the event. Best of luck. :)
  12. Hi guys,my first race on this site.See you at the track.

  13. Finally, after craving for clubraces with this mod sooo bad, I at last have the time off today to do some racing! :)
  14. Sorry guys, can't race today, something urgent came up, good luck all.
  15. if someone can let me know if i can race in the clios

    i can let you know if im racing here tonight

  16. Wayne, Clios is a league not club events - you need to speak to Ryan Callan.
  17. Mike McGeer

    Mike McGeer
    Premium Member

    Great 1 hour event had some entertaining moments when the tires whent off and was drifting around the corners. As usual made up the tail end of the grid, but i wont let that get in the way of enjoying the events. Thanks LEE and RD.

    I did try and give way to faster cars and at one time whent into the wall by getting to trigger happy with the right foot.
  18. Awesome event. My racing has been appalling recently making newbish mistakes and just generaly not finishing races. Happy to say tonight broke the chain, no stopped in me Lancia and the car felt as good at the end as it did at the start, not a lick of paint missing either :).

    Thanks all for Racing, Congrats Anders for the win and Thanks to Adam for organising awesome mod / track combination.
  19. Awesome event guys.

    Managed 3rd place in Quali with a 1.19.6 in the Capri.

    Caught Sergio sleeping a little at the start, and managed to take him just after the start/finish to go into T1 in 2nd place. Chased Anders for a few laps and eventually managed to get past him into T3 on lap 9. He kept me honest though and couldnt pull away from him. In the end I succumbed to the pressure and spun it into T2 on lap 21.

    Got out in 2nd and stayed there until I pitted on lap 25, chose not to change the tyres as it cost too much time and just took fuel. Came out in 3rd with Kjell 26 seconds up the road and Martin 5 behind. Martin slowly closed up and we had a great battle for the final podium spot. He had me coming out of the hairpin at T2 but just put too much power down and lost the back end.

    Managed to hold 3rd til the finish but the car felt like it was on a skating rink. Not sure if I'll do that again :)

    Gratz to Anders on the win and Kjell on 2nd. Really enjoyed this one. Something about a proper manual gearbox thats immense fun.

    Thx Lee for stepping in as admin.