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Driving view bug?

Discussion in 'Project CARS' started by Azfalt Raser, Feb 14, 2016.

  1. I'm havng a problem with the driving view.
    when I switch to a driver's view, the camera is like 50 feet in the air (above and behind). I can't seem to fix that problem. I could only get the driver's view where the interior is blurred. The other one doesn't work.

    It started after a patch sometime last year. Since then, my driving view hasn't worked right.

    Has anyone heard of this problem and know if it was patched recently? or soon?

    Also, My old DFGT, the force feedback worked pretty well. Now, my Thrustmaster T300 has no force feedback at all.
  2. are you using head tracking? this is a known bug with head tracking ... if you turn off the X, Y, Z lateral movement and leave just rotation movement, that should fix that problem.
    ... also, you can turn off that blur in the game settings (somewhere, i forget exactly)

    don't konw what to say about your FFB issue. have you tried re-calibrating the wheel? ... perhaps give Jack Spade's FFB tweaker files a try, they massively help with FFB
  3. Nope. Not using any head tracking. But I'll give both suggestions a gry.
  4. Hey I hope this helps but I had the same problem with cockpit view and helmet view all others were okay but ....Someone recommended I delete my profile and that fixed my problem. I believe it was located in userdata folder in the main steam folder.