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Driving tips for Abarth 500?

Discussion in 'Assetto Corsa' started by LazyBug, Nov 2, 2014.

  1. Just do Abarth 500 vs Vallenlunga-club and found out so many can lap into 59s but i can only do 1.00.5xx ... any tips on driving or setup is very welcome. Thanks first.
  2. Your line is too sweapy. Ur driving fwd and under steering like mandarins on thin ice. Its normal. What you kind need to do and is unwritten rule for fwd car is, enter tight and stay tight. Especially if the corners are as long as those are. So no slow in fast out, no drifting out wide here to get it there. Take it nice and easy down there. No extravagance. Its a fwd. Its a car u take out for shopping or a Sunday drive to town. So drive it like it. Its made to drive in a line. Its low power, keep momentum. Don't rush it in, carry it in tight and I say again, smoothly keep it tight right in there. It doesn't have any power to make up for any drifts or any allowance from racing line. I guess that's clear enough then. That's my tip for your fwd. Don't think about it, don't judge it, trust me and try it if you want performance. It might grow on you.
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  3. Whats this suppose to mean ?? Sorry I not english educated.

    Also "No slow in fast out" ?? Then what i suppose to do ?? Fast in slow out ?? Or slow in slow out ?? Or dont even need to do "Out-In-Out" ??

    The problem is I found only one hotlapping youtube video about this combo and the driving actually drift or slide more than me .. still the time is faster.

    Anyway thanks first for the reply.
  4. Connor Caple

    Connor Caple
    Slowest Racer in Town...

    RWD cars lose more time from oversteer than FWD cars, from what I've experienced.

    A FWD car can power out of an oversteer and pull the car in the correct direction but a RWD is fighting against the sideways force of the car and loses time/racing line.

    A FWD car can benefit from being loose in the rear as this helps to counter the natural understeer. (FWD understeers because the front wheels are trying to steer and brake at the same time, which means you don't get 100% steering).

    Letting the back end slide a little on a FWD car is usually okay, but I don't like to do it to much which is probably why I'm slower than the top FWD racing guys. The rear tyres on a FWD will outlast the fronts even if you let the back end slide on corners.

    The first corner (Abbey) at the new Silverstone International/GP is one where I make an exception though, that corner works very well when you come into it a little too fast and then just power around it so you can take corner two (Farm) flat out in a FWD.

    I like FWD cars, but the AC Abarth hasn't let me change the gear ratios so it feels more like a standard Fiat 500 road car most of the time. I keep ramming my foot on the accelerator and watching.... nothing much happen. :roflmao:
  5. Haha thats exactly what i experiencing ... or get understeer for may be i accelerate a little too early.
  6. Turn in as early as possible. At first gently. Then for real turn into corner. Stay as close to the curb for as long as it is possible. That's tight.
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