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Driving Technique?

Discussion in 'Sim Racing Hardware' started by Lee Palmer, Aug 14, 2010.

  1. Hi, I'm looking at building a proper cockpit and was just wondering how you guys use the pedals?

    When driving in real life and with my current setup I am sat more upright (arm chair style). So the only way I can use the pedals is moving my whole leg. For a cockpit is it better to have it so you simply use your ankle? Or have it like I currently do which is moving your whole leg? Or is it simply driver choice? :p

    Just curious before I start designing the cockpit :p Thanks guys.
  2. Hi Lee

    Mostly a matter of personal choise, but I would go with inverted pedals and a fairly straight leg, so most of the 'articulation' is done by your ankle.......but.......like I say, matter of preffrence :)

    Hope that helps fella!
  3. This is why i'm asking. Ive never driven like that an am wondering if its better. ATM i'm sort of like sat at 90 degrees so its better if I was lower down but its just how far do I set the pedals away :p. Also is upside down pedals hard to setup as I would need to swap the clutch and the throttle pedal over if I did that (g25).
  4. The pedals are pretty easy Lee:D

    They are each a separate unit held on by a couple of bolts if memory serves! Its something I will be covering on here at a later date, but its pretty easy. Best bet is to buy some ali plate and mount the pedals on that, then you can space them out to suit for hell n toe use or whatever is comfortable! When you take the covers off the pedal box you will see its all pretty straight forward, but if you need any more advise, just ask:wink:
  5. yeah just done my pedals mate so if you need any help and advice more than willing too to help out
  6. Neil mate,

    Fancy do a quick write up of your pedals with a few pics and a description in the MEMBERS PROJECTS thread? Be great if you could!