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PC Driving technique - advice needed

Discussion in 'Assetto Corsa' started by Balázs Gerencsér, Jan 11, 2014.

  1. Hi Guys,

    I could finally beat the Stig's time at Imola but I'm still not satisfied with my driving style. I think I really tortured the car and probably used up my front tyres completely. Would you please take a look at the video and give me some advise? I'd really appreciate it!

    Thanks in advance!

    (Sorry for no audio and low res)

  2. Not good enough to comment on driving styles anyway, but why no audio? Tough to figure out without it. Pedal inputs would've helped.
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  3. Because I couldn't find a proper (free) video capturing tool for Windows 8.1. I'll try to make another one with the pedal inputs.
  4. Dinca Andrei

    Dinca Andrei
    Premium Member

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  5. A bit hard to say, but a few things pop out:

    *You drift and fight the car too much, let it work the grip and don't be so harsh with your inputs.
    *You brake a bit too late in a few places and you don't use all of the track on entry as a result, since you are barely under control entering the corners.
    *Work the balance better in the corners, you tend to get too early on the throttle and understeer too much.
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  6. Actually that was my first choice but it doesn't seem to run on Windows 8. :(
  7. I agree. I also feel that I spin too many times because I'm fighting too much. I should be much smoother. But it's difficult for me to be smooth and be fast at the same time. When I try to just "flow" through the track like water in the river I'm simply not fast enough. Anyhow I will try to concentrate on the things you wrote! Thanks a lot!
  8. Mapu

    Premium Member

    slow is fast ;)
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  9. Mapu

    Premium Member

    my message wasn't supposed to be funny at all: really, slow down to go fast

    otherwise you will or might learn bad habits on the go and won't be able to correct them easily later

    your video (without audio and input meters) shows some of these habits; just like somebody said, most noticeable are the parts where the car loses grip (oversteer, slides and understeer)

    maybe this will help you a bit: http://www.drivingfast.net/
  10. I understood what you wrote but it sounded funny for me anyway.
    Thanks for the good advice! I'll keep it in mind.
  11. - braking later usually makes you slower, as you are still stabilising the car into the corner. Try to brake a bit earlier. Your car should be neutral well before the apex.

    - if you achieve the above, start focusing on accelerating earlier. Really, you gain SO much time if you accelerate 5 metres earlier. You'll take the acceleration advantage with you for the whole straight.

    - on faster corners, make sure you'll use all the inside of the track. I noticed you didn't use all of the road on entry. Easy time gain. Most notable on the fast chicane before the hairpin in sector 1.

    Good luck!
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  12. Ted

    On a BMW S1000RR IRL, here anything with 3+ wheels

    If you're running an Nvidia card I highly recommend ShadowPlay - it captures lossless in-game at 60 fps.
  13. :D:thumbsup:
  14. Graham Laing

    Graham Laing
    ...... mostly harmless Staff Member

    Capturing Choices

    Fraps is compatible with Window 8.0, don't know about 8.1 (too annoying after install, I reverted back to 8.0 from backup). Fraps has gradually gone downhill in my opinion. It's the first one I bought, and I rarely use it now. It's less flexible and is often a heavy system/framerate hitter.

    Free Video Capture :-

    MSI Afterburner - http://event.msi.com/vga/afterburner/download.htm

    XFire - http://classic.xfire.com/download/

    There may be others out there, but I have never tried them.

    Commercial Video Capture :-

    The first 2 are my favourites, and I freely change between them depending on what I am doing

    Mirillis Action! - http://mirillis.com/en/products/action.html

    DXtory - http://exkode.com/dxtory-features-en.html

    Playclaw - http://www.playclaw.com/ - I used to use this a lot, but didn't want to pay for the latest upgrade. Especially when I own other choices.

    Bandicam - http://www.bandicam.com/ - I used to use often, wasn't keen on Motion JPEG capture codec, it's probably updated now.

    FRAPS - http://www.fraps.com/ - One of the oldest in the market, and it shows. Gets slowly upgraded and is more flexible than it used to be, but still not enough for my taste. Can gobble up resources quickly, good for short high quality clips, but others do it just as well. Upgrades are free though, I have had this for years and I still get updates.

    Most of these commercial packages are ungraded for free for quite some time. As one point with a major change you may have to pay for an upgrade.
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  15. I haven't thought of that! Thanks!
  16. Thanks a lot guys for the feedbacks. I now where to focus now.
    I was so proud to achieve this time after learning and practicing a lot but I felt something is not right.
  17. HI, you were lazy with the steer, you have to constantly correct your trajectory with small increments! And in the first corners you had wrong approaches, you are diving in to the corner too soon. Your main concern should be those two things. Also don't forget to keep the car balance with quick feet:) work that steering with the pedals also.
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  18. watch some F1 races and check out how your trajectories should be
  19. I recommend:
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  20. Dinca Andrei

    Dinca Andrei
    Premium Member

    Look at those tires grip..amaizing...talking about cars on rails...Great example of grip level


    Recorded a lap too...it seems that no matter what,if your pushing,the car slides and kills the tires..i see no safe run for the tires if you want to aim for the hotlap....

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