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Driving school ? come at me newbs

Discussion in 'Assetto Corsa' started by Truand2laBiffle, Jul 12, 2013.

  1. Hello everybody,

    I'm sure i would already have heard about a driving school if it was an official feature of the game, but I wanted to know the opinion of you guys and your expectations.
    Do you think it is likely to be introduced? Could some kind of mod appear?
    What would you like in it?

    I'm sure I am not the only one who got into sim racing lately, and my experience with online race (iracing) is just too bad to continue competiting without a "proper" training.
    Unfortunately, I'm just not that fond of running alone on a track with no specific goal.

    So a complete curve/clutch/braking training with different type of cars would be really apreciated.
    Moreover my knowledge of car settings is really limited and I'm not sure I would event be able to notice a tire pressure change... That would also be something interesting for newbs imo.

    I was thinking of adding it with some kind of DLC so that people that know how to drive won't have to bother with it.
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  2. Driving school is a great idea!

    I'm sure that if one of the better modders wants to make one, he can do it.

    Also, when AC is released, I plan to organise weekly free online driving schools, with groups of 3-5 drivers. With teamspeak enabled, it would be a great way for new drivers to get the basics of driving fast around the track. :).
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  3. Driving Shool would be really cool. I loved it in Richard Burns Rally.
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  4. The RBR one was very good , even if you can drive and know how to rally its just a good experience and immerses you into the game.
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  5. I agree, my times improved so much after completing the Rally School. I could do things like handbrake turns and stuff already, but there are several things that I didn't know before I finished the school, for example on the medium/fast corners, you can get through much more cleanly (and faster too) by keeping you foot on the brake through the corner but also using the throttle too (at the same time). I assume this is probably something that they do in real rally, hence the Richard Burns had it in the game. It's a pity he left us, and I'm sure that if he hadn't he could've helped create a great sequel...
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  6. Mapu


    no sir, ratings from the press in general was bad (putting a big warning on it - only for enthusiasts) and sales on RBR where suboptimal, warthog was sold to gizmondo, gizmondo went broke, no sequel, ever

    so much for mainstream
  7. I'd prefer a driving school to a "career mode".
  8. Though the driving school and the product as a whole was incedable the only way RBR could have been a commercial success would have been if it has a ridiculous marketing budget behind it , it came out in 1998-2002 or the developer was prepared for it to grow in an organic way over a long time. ( Hindsight is always 20/20 )

    Also despite the presentation and the driving school being excellent if you were not a driver/simracer it still would have been massively intimidating.

    There is also the factor that from a generic users perspective the game didn't offer anything over Colin McRae Rally it played awful with a keyboard and was far to late to capture the tale end of the market buzz that came from CMR 1,2 and 3. CMR3 came out in 2002 and I think that was the peek of interest in "rally sim games" , I'm not sure on the market figures but at the time I got the impression that CMR 4 and 5 did far worse in sales and hence why they made the massive changes they did for Dirt and Dirt 2 ( though that could be incidental )

    RBR came out in 2004 at a point where I think most end users had moved on from rally and were just looking for something different not the most hard core punishing driving simulator ever made lol
  9. Rupe Wilson

    Rupe Wilson
    Senior HistorX club driver Staff Premium

    GTR2 had a brilliant driving school still use it today..:)
  10. It really was great. It can be fun to load up the "overtaking" lesson for other people to get the instant thrill of trying to pass someone.
  11. I think it is time to bump this topic.

    Do we have new information on a driving school for AC?
    If there won't be any, Is there a way It'll be modable?
  12. Well, I would like to see a skid pad/test track at least. That may something for modders work on rather than taking up Kunos' time.
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  13. drive it like you stole it..
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  14. I think there is a test track planned of sorts, though its labelled as a drift/test track, so not sure...
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  15. Considering they may spend the next 5 years polishing this game. They'll have time for that, which may be a game changer for ppl unfamiliar with sim like I am.
    As I said, even a payable DLC would be appreciated..but I agree there are more important things right now.