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Driving Lag!

Discussion in 'F1 2010 - The Game' started by Georgios Davakos, Mar 5, 2011.

  1. Hello evryone, I just got my F1 2010 yesterday and I was facing some lag when I was driving. Not visual lag but lag in the actual driving. When ever I press on the throuttle it takes about 0.5s to 1s for the car to actualy start accelerating and the same goes for braking, shifting gears up or down turning the wheel or using the buttons on my wheel to change different things.

    I was recommended to change sound to software which improved the lag but there still is lag which really affect my driving and my experience with F1 2010. I use a G27 btw for those who wonder.

    So please help me by posting a solution to this problem.
  2. check the settings - % of the accelerating deadzone. It must be 0%.
  3. all Deadzones are on 0%
  4. Are you using any assists? For example, if you put too much throttle on the exit of the turn, TC (on full) would not give it to you due to the fact that it will prevent a skid.

    But if you had this problem to each action wich you do with your steering wheel, then the problem is in the driver, i think. Also, try to change sound not for "software" but for "rapture 3d" or "hardware" if you could.
  5. All Assists are off, (I never drive with aids) but to have lag in shifting gears proves that there is something going on with the syncronizing time of my wheel and the game.
  6. Also, try this. It helped me to solve problem with the sound, but to you it may also be useful.
  7. There is no sound problem but someone told me to try it and it solved a bit of the lag but not the entire lag.
  8. Maybe reinstall the game? :) Do you use the Logitech profiler (in windows) for anything you are expecting to work? Check that is still setup if you use it. Look at this and on the next message in that thread.
  9. hallo to everyone, this is my first post here in rd, and i like this forum alot ,
    To your Question ,i had the same issue, on my pc it helped ,that i swapt the USB port ,i had the Wheel connected to the front ports,
    witch were slower ( my guess) the the back ones,helped me,try it.
  10. I belive you have a stationery PC, I have a laptop so there is only 2 ports from the right side.