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Driving in the Wet

Discussion in 'F1 2012 - The Game' started by Jamie Fluke, Oct 20, 2012.

  1. Hi all,

    I post this thread as I am having a tough time keeping up in the wet. In the dry on Legend difficulty I am a bit quicker than my team mate in the dry at all tracks. In the wet however it's a very different story.

    In practice in my Toro Rosso in Canada I somehow managed to set the fastest lap time before it got wet. R&D run meant that I was on the softer tyres and I got a good lap together. Rain came and I made set up changes, reduce springs and roll bars, slight increase in ride height etc. And went out. I felt happy with the car and proceeded to qualifying.

    I got 3 decent laps and I was happy that I hadn't missed a braking point or got overly sideways on the exit of corners. Yet I was close to 1.5 seconds behind Ricciardo. I can't blame the car because I'm slower than my team mate. So it must be me.

    So have you guys got any tips for driving in anything other than dry conditions. I can't provide a video of my driving because I don't have anything to record with on Xbox.
  2. I am terrible in the rain. My car has insane understeer in the middle of the corner, and I can't get on the throttle as soon as the AI. Very annoying indeed.
  3. The same is happening to me. The worst thing is that (in my case) it rains every race in any session...destroying all your previous work.
  4. I love the rain on this game, it seems to be my strong point. Just qualified 2nd at Monaco in the wet on my career, legend difficulty, no assists, in a caterham. Was 5 seconds faster then my teammate :)
  5. i to like the rain challange but not ever race ,theb game is well pissing me off ,car,nt wait for the console patch to come out in 2018 :whistling:
  6. Any setup tips? Its really hard to drive on Inters on this game, the most useless set of tyres ever
  7. yeah I struggle more on inters than full wets, but I normally go for wing settings of around 11-6 (depending on circuit and if it may dry up) and suspension settings of 2-2-8-3, something around that region. (again depending on track) This seems to work out for me, hope it helps a bit :)