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Driving in the Wet - Tips Please

Discussion in 'F1 2011 - The Game' started by Superman, Dec 9, 2011.

  1. I'm absolutely terrible in the wet. I've done a number of time trial laps in wet conditions to get to grips with it but I'm no good.

    I'm driving without aids with a wheel and wet Setups from the forum.

    Could someone give me some tips?

    I try and short shift and change my lines so I'm trying to get onto a straight line as soon as possible through the corners - but this doesn't seem to be helping.

    Anything will be appreciated as in the career mode if I'm in the wet, I might as well not bother!

    Thanks in advance
  2. Make your gears longer, set your car higher and softer. Use medium or low brake pressure. Don't try to brake at the points you brake when it's dry, be easy on the brakes and easy on the throttle and practice, practice, practice... Those are advices from a guy who is total cr*p on wet track :) and they made go a little bit faster.
  3. I need to say that: Codemasters failed making wet driving physic. There is only one chance to drive as same fast as opponents (playin on legend) and its practice, lot of practice. You will need to change the way of cornering for few turns, u will need to look for new breaking points and you will need to learn using brake very carefully and softly. This is the key. Also Victor is right, longer gearing provide you better level of car stability. So if you use very long gearing you can set the car stiffness on little bit harder than "6", but the most important: try 100000 car setups and then decide which is good for fast driving in wet and which make your driving smooth and repeatable - its important for race-driving.

    I hope i helped You:) good luck on track:)
  4. New braking points, soft and careful braking and less aggressive steering are exactly what you should be doing in the wet, so I don't see how Codemasters "failed" because of it?

    I've literally just finished a career race that started wet and I managed fine without any practice by doing what I've just stated above. Codemasters have made a lot of mistakes in this game, but just because you struggle doing something it doesn't mean that it's their fault.
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  5. Thanks for the tips.

    I don't think I was "soft" breaking as I was full-down on the pedal and then just locking up. The soft breaking is much more quicker and can be better in the dry too.