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Driving Force GT soft clicking issue

Discussion in 'Sim Racing Hardware' started by SunBro, Jun 17, 2014.

  1. Hello all. I really wouldn't want my first post to be a negative one but oh well...

    So after dwelling with sim racers via xbox 360 gamepad for months, i bit the bullet and got a dfgt(and those f*****s and expensive in turkey). The build, the ffb it's all great but it's been 4 hours since i unboxed it and drove it with nk pro and all(i mean all, including r3e) simbin titles.

    Here's the problem. When i first unboxed it, the wheel softly clicked at a certain angle. I thought it would go away but after using it for 3/3.5 hours, the issue is still there. It's so annoying... Seeing that i just received it today, do you think i should send it back to logitech asap and get a new one or is this a common thing? Here are the angles it clicks at


    Help a sad noob out :(

    Oh i forgot to add i've tried every single possible setting under the sun. But like i said, the click is there even when it is not connected to the pc.