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Driving Aids (Auto Clutch)

Discussion in 'Stock Car Extreme' started by Marc Reid, May 16, 2013.

  1. Marc Reid

    Marc Reid
    Premium Member

    On all my sims i own, i drive with all drivings aids off, except for auto-clutch, is this a good idea, or do you think i should start learning gearing with clutch ?
    I mainly prefer to use the paddles on my wheel(G27) for gearing, which is why i think i prefer auto-clutch. But im concerned for when i get into online racing. For example would this be classed as cheating - auto-clutch ?
  2. Bram

    Administrator Staff Member Premium Member

    I do the same but also disable the auto-clutch. Only use the clutch pedal for the start basically.

    And no its absolutely no cheating as most driving helps only slow you down and dont give advantage. Must note that this only applies to real simracing games, most less sim titles do give you a fair bit of advantage running with driving help on.
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  3. Exactly what Bram said. Think of it as 'training wheels' on a bicycle. Sure, you will be faster than a guy who cannot even keep his bike without training wheels upright, but it will make you slower than a pro cycler, as it inhibits what you can do on it.

    I also use auto clutch, as there is no anti-stall button that I can assign in rFactor, GSC 2012 etc., otherwise I'd give it a go. But I really don't want to retire from a race because I had a spin on my first lap and there was no anti-stall button.

    I have practiced clutch pull-aways though, and it is epic ;)
  4. Marc Reid

    Marc Reid
    Premium Member

    Thx guys :thumbsup:. Yea i still got to get used to using this clutch with my wheel, as last wheel was a GT for my playstation2, but without clutch. But i suppose if the RL races use it, i should to, im also one of those realism sim freaks and cant help it :p
  5. I drive with auto clutch off, I am a glutton for punishment. On a full length F1 race, I have occasionally outbraked myself into a run-off area and stalled when turning the car round. I have sat there watching the race go by, with a perfectly intact car, and absolutely gutted at wasting the chance of points, but I'm smiling at the same time as it really adds to the realism of the season, especially in the Formula Classics when it was quite easy and common to stall the engine :)
  6. Marc Reid

    Marc Reid
    Premium Member

    Well ive stated racing with a-clutch off now and yea better realism i will say. Just one thing would like to know, when i enter the pit during a race and by mistake ive stalled the engine, forgot to keep clutch in, how come i cant start the engine again, no matter what i do, hit the ignition key, keep clutch in while neutral, it just wont start, is this by design as in RL racing ?
    This was during a race with the mini at J-Oval
  7. No, it definitely should start. Check your key mappings, if the car is in neutral, or in gear with clutch pedal pressed, the car should start anywhere on pit lane. (don't forget there is an ignition switch AND a start button)
  8. Marc Reid

    Marc Reid
    Premium Member

    It has to be the start button then, as i only had the ignition mapped, will check it out and thx one agian:thumbsup: